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Default SRB2 v2.0.3 released! (For reals, this time!)

NOTE: PLEASE Redownload the EXE. We reuploaded it due to a critical error found shortly after release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SRB2 v2.0.3 has been released. You can update your copy of SRB2 either via the launcher or via the updated EXE on's download page.


- Fixed an issue where physical chaos emeralds could be played in match/tag/ctf gametypes, instead of emerald spawns
- Fixed an exploit where single-player emeralds carried over to netplay
- Fixed various errors where a player could continue to move after HIDETIME hit 0 in tag
- Fixed spectators triggering shattering/crumbling blocks
- Fixed an error where SRB1 level select could not be unlocked
- Reverted to the old dynamic memory allocation system, in an attempt to alleviate a few errors that sprung thanks to the change
- Fixed numbering issue involving spectators at intermission
- Fixed an exploit where MT_EGGGUARD could be spawned in multiplayer modes
- Fixed an issue where servers were experiencing illegal colour changes from players on join
- Fixed a logic error pertaining to race scoring
- Fixed an error where some unstable resolutions were being displayed as stable
- Fixed lots of crashes related to MAP84, Twisted Terminal Zone
- Fixed lots of misc. SIGSEGV's that were reported
- Re-fixed the "zombie bug", where a player would be stuck in a death state while remaining solid
- Disable saving at the end of the credits sequence
- Removed upper bounds of cv_hidetime and cv_countdowntime
- Removed special stage tokens from time attack
- Removed a hardcoded delay for consistency protection packets

- The enabling of cv_cheats has been made more obvious to players
- Team scrambling has been made now more obvious to players
- Moved the "ping" column in the server listing over to fix an issue with text overlapping
- Race rounds now end early if everyone who hasn't finished the race has left the game
- Shortened name displays when F12ing someone, to prevent overlap
- Added a "Scramble Teams" button to the main menu for servers to use
- Dead players are now transparent in TAB rankings
Get the updated EXE here!
Updater: Link

It is HIGHLY advised that you get the updater, to ensure your exe is up-to-date.
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