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Egg Rock Zone act 3 was killing me repeatedly in the sliding section. Right after sliding up the staircase, I would jump over the next gap and either 1) hear a spike sound effect and die, or 2) hit an invisible wall and fall down. Only three times did the game not glitch in that area and let me through.

Also ended up skipping the first level that had fucked up colors. Just couldn't find my way out of the maze. Eventually got game over on the ice stage with the invisible maze that kills you if you step on god-only-knows-because-that-level-made-no-sense-to-me.

Other than those three levels, I enjoyed the pack a lot. The best/worst part was probably the Sonic Chronicle's Doomsday Zone music that played in one of the later levels. Worst RPG I've ever played, and worst soundtrack I've ever heard.
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