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I knew this topic sounded familiar...

Originally I was "HYPER SONILDOW" (yeah, all caps like that) and I chose that name because I was a dumb kid, fan of recolors and hyperness-goodness-super-duper-duperder-ultra-20% cooler-DBZfusion forms of Sonic, Shadow and Silver.

I matured and went with Thompson. Couldn't think of something generic and completely original that had a nice ring to it, but Thompson's my last name and as times flew by I pretty much ended up using it for everything and loved when people refer me as Thompson, Mr. Thompson, or Thomp. I call it professional.
I feel the same about newer aliases that I have now. When I was younger, I'd mostly do random names for fun, like naming myself "a vehicle" in Halo CE, to screw with players killing me online in maps that don't allow warthogs. (I changed it against after somebody topped me with "a bear fart".) Even my older nick on these forums wasn't a name I wanted to keep.

Now, I'm much happier with aliases that are easy to remember, and more professional sounding. Mr.Glaceon was a nickname given to me by my best friend, and it stuck to the point I made it my alias on all social channels. It sounds formal, and celebrates my love of Pokemon without overdoing it.

Although I still choose a different alias for web forums. .Luke came about as a name my parents almost gave me, (?) and the .Hack games making using dots in names seem inspired. The more unique your name is, the more likely it is that you can keep the same name across all channels without it being taken. Using numbers to negate claimed names looks uncreative now, and I'm seeing more places putting down their usage in aliases.

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I'm a fan of sonic and I was born in 2000...
Yes it's stupid but I didn't know what the hell I was thinking.
It's not that bad, honestly. Your name comes from a much older time, and I think most people will overlook that. You also could have done much worse. R1PP3D_PH0RSK1N, SUPERSONICFOREVERFANMAN1989, and PHAILTASTIC_POTATO, just to name a few examples that unintentionally break forum tables, and scar minds.
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