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Default How did you get your username?

One curious question I have is.. How did you manage to come up with the name you take for granted? Is it a reference to something? Is it just something you randomly typed up? Is it a name you picked when you were just a kid, and now regret it? Feel free to share your thoughts and the amazing history behind names.

When I was a kid (Around 13) I wanted a name to represent myself when I did things. I did eventually come up with the nickname Kitoko, which eventually became the name of a character. No, this is not a fan character, it was a little fox that I was building a possible story that I wanted to write up later in the future, homing on his life and how he grew up a in a town that was in siege. Later on, that started to become more of a common nickname, which I used on my DSi that I got for Christmas. The reason I picked Kitoko because it was a name for "beautiful", because it was something i felt i lacked in, which was beauty. It was more of a fantasy story that later turned into a deep sense of ingenuity. I still have some of the original story written down somewhere in a diary I used to have (Although it's probably lost forever in the closet) I eventually started using that as my general nickname all across internet websites, my main alias. It's never usually taken, generally wherever I go, so I stuck with it.
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