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Single Player:
Sapphire Coast Zone, Act 2 by Blade - 7/10
This level, like the first act, is very well made. Branching from the level's layout to the details. But, there are a few quirks in it I would like to point out. Most of the level has a great design, but there is this one canopy area with a sharp left turn that is easy to miss if you aren't careful. And the mushrooms are a bit annoying to get on, maybe make them a bit shorter? But all in all, this is a good level with a few quirks that need to be worked out.

Eggmansion Zone, Act 2 by KO.T.E - N/A
Well, after around 2 years in the works this level finally got finished. But the question is, was it worth the wait?

The concept of the level was to be unlike any other level in SRB2, or Chaos Domain for that fact. In the fact that the level was going to be only a gimmick feast, but when I gave out a demo to some others, I quickly found out that was a horrible idea and I should be shot for trying it. I proceeded to delete the whole level, besides the starting area so I could work with a clean slate. Keeping in mind I wanted the gimmicks to play a large roll in the level, I also tried to add in platforming to help keep a balance so it wouldn't be like the first version. But what you got here, was about 2 months of solid work.

Now, for the socced items. For the most part, I hadn't planned to do anything special or any pony related things. But thanks to me being stupid and staying up stupidly late, I threw in a pony just for laughs and showed it to some people in a IRC channel. When the saw it they couldn't quite tell what it was at first, but when they realized it they wanted me to make it do more. So I started to come up with a plan oh what it could do, for the most part I got it done for this contest. While there is still some unfinished stuff yet to do, I am glad to see that some of you found the last part of the secret without me telling you guys about it first.

Now for the ghosts, if you thought they was annoying now. You should have been in the test server when I first added them in, so many deaths was had thanks to them. The original plan for these guys was to act like the ghosts in Sandopolis Zone and float around and attempt to attack out, and killing them would only keep them away for a little bit. But there was on feature I didn't get working that I wanted to try out, having them clip through walls in a attempt to hunt you down. Although seen how annoying they can be now, it might be a good thing that DIDN'T work. But anyways, to make sure I could get them close to how Sandopolis' ghosts, I made sure that SRB2 had the right sound for when they died. And luckily it did have the sound, that way I wouldn't have to bloat the filesize even MORE than it already was, seeing that in a rush to get my stuff done I had forgotten to remove another sound effect that was ment to be used in the piano room.

So yeah, this level may be a love/hate one for the community. But I had no idea it would have received such high scores on the first day, I was close to not even entering this level into the contest because I was worried of how much of a range of opinions there could be.



Pacman by EternallyAries Red X - 5/10
Even though you used "?" mark boxes, this level still turned out to be fun. But the map as a whole is a bad idea, mazes just don't work well in SRB2. But if you have enough people this can be fun, since there will be more encounters leading to some insane firefights.

Oiler Outpost Zone by Katmint - 1/10
Let's see what we have here, cramped hallways with little room to jump. Random dead ins that lead you into a vat of oil, that will kill you if you fall in. And weapon ring ammo is hardly see, if at all. Not to mention the fact you hid one of the weapon rings in a hole that is almost impossible to see without dying at least once. All in all, I did not enjoy this level.

Generic Field Zone by csmgiw - 3/10
Well, this level played better than I thought it would have, but you did make some pretty nasty flaws. First off, only one weapon panel for each ring, not two. Second, don't clump the ammo right next to the weapon rings, makes it way to easy to horde all of the ammo and leaving other scampering around looking for some. Third, grass pegging, use it. It will help show where one floor ends and where the next one begins. And last but not least, add some cover for players, the map is wide open making the rail ring quite OP if someone knows how to use it. But other than that, it's a okay first level.

Techno Rush Zone by KO.T.E - Rush/Job
Rush Sea Zone, coming maybe soonish!

Capture the Flag:

Jungle Ruins by Kuba11 - 6/10
This level has great potential, but it has some nasty flaws that really hammer it down. First off is something I have been accused of, overly powered colormaps. Now, I love to use color maps to help the mood of the level, so I know why you did it. But this color map is waaaay to strong, I kept finding myself jumped by other players since I didn't see them coming thanks to it. If the color map was lighter then it might work out better, but as it is right now it is really killing the level. Second, you have too many small pillars sticking up everywhere, making escapes from the bases with the flag a real pain. Even though I love detail just as much as you, there is a point when you can add in too much detail, the pillars are a prime example. Third, You need to rework the bases, the flag area is waaaay too easy to camp. I can't count how many times a player has jumped out of one of the pillars or trees and shot me thus taking their flag back. Gets really annoying after awhile, a good way to fix this would be to make the flag be in a special little room made just for it, and not be in the huge room it is in now. But other than those flaws the level was quite nice, fix those things up and I'll be looking forward to playing this level again.

Rush Flower CTF by Spherallic & KO.T.E - Maybe Not/A Rush Job
Techno Rush CTF, most likely not coming soon!
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