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Originally Posted by BlazeFan1 View Post
See, when I get to the boss...
A) There are no enemies that I can see. Just Donkey Kracken, his tnt barrels, and blue barrels containing Derpy, who gives you an air shield. If there's supposed to be anything else, it's not showing up for me.
The blue barrel drops enemies too. Or SHOULD, but I dunno why they wouldn't spawn for you...

Originally Posted by BlazeFan1 View Post
B) After I fight for a little bit, some notice comes up at the top that some illegal sprite has been removed or something. This causes the boss to dissappear, leaving me stranded in an empty room.
Hrm, never had that error before...

Originally Posted by BlazeFan1 View Post
Often, the game simply crashes entirely while I'm trying to fight. I've actually edited the start point with DoomBuilder so that I can give more attempts without having to replay the whole level.
I don't think I've herd of straight-up crashes against Donkey Kracken either...

Originally Posted by BlazeFan1 View Post
The boss hardly seems to be in any condition I can actually play. The rest of the level works fine though.
I may need to just rate without beating the boss.
Well are you sure you're using 2.0.6 with no other wads loaded? I don't know of any of the bugs listed below, so it may be an isolated set of bugs.

Originally Posted by BlazeFan1 View Post
EDIT AGAIN: Prime 2.0 (below this post) mentions fire flowers. I DEFINITELY don't see any fire flowers. So something is wrong with mine.
A Fire Flower monitor as well as a Whirlwind Shield can be found in Leaf Forest.Take them both to the boss, and you can just jump and fireball him to death.
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