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To be honest, I just feel that this is a character that just isn't very well suited to be turned into a character wad because of her design.

As was stated many times in the editing forum, the pitch-black skin just looks drab, and creates problems when trying to read the characters animations. For example, in the following screenshot, it is impossible to tell that Lari is in her pain animation facing away from the player.

Also, if the armour is new, as I only saw the black sillhouette version before. It partially helps to make the character look more interesting, but only from front/side angles. From the back, it is not clearly visible, and that is where the viewer will see Lari most of the time, problem. Although, I have to give you credit for not mirroring the sprites to make the eye colours consistant and creating frames for teetering on the edge of a ledge from all angles, something not done even by the official SRB2 sprites.
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