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Both sides make sense in my opinion. I believe there is one other point to discuss that hasn't been brought up yet.

SRB2 was never a game for grandma to play. To beat the game, you need to be minimally good at video games, and not just hold forward to win. However, back in the day, SRB2 didn't have much content, and making the gameplay tricky was a way to ensure you didn't blast through the entire campaign in 15 minutes on your first try.

But consider the SRB2 of today. You have the standard campaign, you have the special stages and a 100% completion, you have extra stages, you have extra NiGHTs stages, you have extra hard stages, you have the emblems for adventuring, you have the emblems for requirements... Simply beating the campaign is only like a third of the entire game.

Nowadays, it makes more sense to follow Mario's logic: make the main game approachable (though it can kick the player's butt a few times for good measure), and make the extra content tougher and tougher. I'd like to point SRB2 to more people, but feel a bit hesitant when I remember that I can only beat the stages fine...because I've been playing for over 10 years. A newcomer doesn't understand these unique controls, doesn't know a thing about the stages, doesn't have a feel for the speed, jump height, etc. right off the bat. Having to tell them that they can't even see the end of the campaign until they get REALLY good is quite the turn-off.

In addition, I've had a few nights where I would have loved to play some SRB2, but didn't because I figured I only had some 15 minutes to do so, and I didn't want to rush my enjoyment through a full zone. (I like to explore the stages.) Had the per-act system been in place then and I would have gladly beaten one act during those sessions.

I vote for per-act, as a result. That said, there is merit in considering a difficulty mode for a playthrough. It's not a standard thing for Sonic games, but SRB2 was always made by hardcore fans for hardcore fans, so that isn't exactly out-of-place. It would allow more casual players to not be turned into mush midway through, and it would allow more hardcore players to feel the tension of a per-zone save, among other things.

...At the end of the day, I feel like there's no right answer, and we have the luxury of worrying and enjoying so many more important things about this game. I fully support everyone voicing their opinion, but I certainly wouldn't want to see anybody get salty because the save system is a bit easier, of all things.
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