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Wouldn't that logic apply to SRB2 then? It used to be the same sort of thing as SRB1, but here we are.
No one judges SRB2 by the standards of its first releases, because it's been updated constantly. SRB1 was a bad game that was only known and played because it came out at a time when the concept of fangames or even just making a game on your computer by yourself was still a super novel and crazy concept (and let's be real here, a lot of Sonic fans back then were kids/tweens who would just be blown away by "SONIC ON MY COMPUTER?!" without actually caring about the quality of the game in question--much how like I, a decade later, would be enthralled by shitty Sonic flash games because "SONIC ON MY COMPUTER!?". Damn, now I'm nostalgic for awful Sonic flash stuff on Newgrounds.)

What's the point of remaking SRB1? So we can play...a 2D Sonic game. A not very good 2D Sonic game. In a 3D fangame. In a world where there are literally hundreds of also-free and better romhacks and fangames that don't require playing a much better game.
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