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Huh what I am seeing there ? Well thank you, hopefully you will enjoy demo that may come soon.

Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
I'm of the opinion that a SRB1 remake is a stupid idea, since that game's legendary godawfulness when viewed by the standards of fangames today and of SRB2 2.2 is pretty intrinsically tied with it. Trying to "remake" it and bring it up to modern quality would result in a game so different from its source material that it might as well be something new and different.

Yeah, see. If this wasn't an explicit SRB1 remake project, this could all pass as new and original stuff. Not trying to downplay this guy's efforts, mind, his work here looks excellent and I wish him the best of luck with this project. But still.
Actually I couldn't pass it as new original work, even though it has lot of new content. I am doing ACTUAL remake not whatever companies try to pass as remaster or remakes, but in reality they are just recreations. Someone could say that what I am doing is also reimagination, but that's also valid. Pretty much what I am doing though is taking concepts out of SRB1 and build something better out of it (concepts for example in this sense are level structure - 2 acts, level themes, badniks (may add new ones to increase difficulty) and such, not content itself). Which isn't really hard to do, because we are all aware what SRB1 is.

Also I can assure you, there may be some quite a big suprice in "recreation" type of thing :) in demo.
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