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SSNTails Did make an incomplete Knothole base level that inspired the Knothole base Zone in Kimokawaiii. Would that be along the lines of what you're thinking?
I'm not familiar with Kimokawaii. YouTubing the videos... I still dunno what to make of it.

If you mean "Knothole Valley Zone" then yes, something like that, but also making it it's "own thing" as well, such as perhaps use Greenflower Zone's checkered textured, but recoloured to that of SRB1s Knothole checkered colour and maybe using other sprites and textures from Greenflower Zone and Forest Fortress Zone to give the sense of a green hill like zone in a forest.

I propose SRB1 for remake, not remastered. As far as I believe:
Remastered = When an old game is remade for modern computers, with better graphics, models and some new content but the story and levels are the same. (Examples: Crash Bandicoot and Spyro trilogies)
Remake = When a new game is made that is based on an old game, maybe even same story, but takes liberties for gameplay, how stages are designed and so on. (Example: The Final Fantasy VII remake)

I'm imagining a SRB1 remake where it can still tell the same story, the zones can even have the same name, just the zones are entirely done up SRB2 V2.2 style.
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