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Default What if: SRB1 remake?

Something I've been wondering for awhile.
Has Sonic Team jr. ever considered to remake SRB1? And I don't mean the first remake which was more of a "remaster" than a remake. I mean what if remade all of SRB1 from the ground up as an independant game with V2.2 engine? With the zones completely expanded and rehauled.
Let's be honest, SRB1 has not "aged well" given the resources they had at the time (Klik & Play with The Game Factory as a compiler) both SRB1 and SRB2 look almost unidentical to one another. But I'm curious what would Sonniku and STjr would do with it now it has V2.2 engine.

For example, what if Knothole Base Zone or Great Forest Zone was more like Forest Fortress Zone? Or Lake Zone be like Azure Temple Zone? Things like that. The story can still be the same, or if STjr wanted to remove Archie/SatAM elements to be more inline with SRB2 settings (Knothole Base Zone and Robotropolis Zone may need to be renamed if that's the case). But I know just "making a SRB game" will be a lot to ask given the time and effort put into V2.2, especially remastering most of it's stages, I'm just asking if it has ever been considered for the future.
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