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Updated to 1.15. Likely the last version for some period of time.
As always, check the main post for details.

Originally Posted by Katmint View Post
There's a missing texture on the rear wall of the old CEZ2 entrance. Speaking of that, please make this secret a bit easier to find. You can actually see the entrance to old THZ2, and old ERZ3 has a ring trail leading down. This has nothing at all that tells you it is here besides a very tiny hole which is almost completely obscured by tall grass (and the texture error above the wall but that doesn't really count since it's a bug).

This is more of a nitpick, but the entrance to the CEZ portion of the hub is based on 2.0 CEZ which clashes with the actual hub since it's based on 2.1 CEZ. Also, the opaque water is really ugly.
I've added a small indication of the hidden area and fixed the textures.
But I really think that the look of the CEZ teleporter room is fine as it is, it's not like those textures aren't present in 2.1 CEZ. I made the the water transparent, though.

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