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Originally Posted by Autosaver View Post
1. Sonic Losts Worlds
2. Mario & Sonic
3. One more

Not that many, especially if the third is a spin-off.
I'm guessing it's Soinc 4 Ep. 3 but then that would exclude people who don't own a Wii U and/or a 3DS.

But after seeing the news of Facebook, I jumped for joy. I'm just hoping that Lost Worlds doesn't play like a Rush title or a Boost to Win title (ex. Sonic Generations). Also, I hope they step out of their comfort zone and try to go with Sonic Adventure gameplay again. Only this time, done right.

EDIT: I just realized that the new titled Sonic game has the same title as Blade's project. Talk about a coincidence lol!
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I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

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