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Default Green Flower Zone Extended

This is one of my newest map projects. I feel that I'm insecure with my ability to come up with ideas to progress my map that feel natural.
All I'm really doing is (as the title says) extending Green Flower Zone. Due to MotorRoach releasing the FSonic wad. It got me anxious to have a hands on experience of the future of SRB2.
So I've made small edits of Green Flower, adding slopes to make it seem more 2.2 like. But this is the biggest edit I hope to make. Here are images of the small area I have added.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can continue. Thank you.
Someone suggested I upload a video to showcase what changes their are. There are changes (and additions) from the images below.
I'm sorry for the quality, it should be 720p but, I assume I messed up the rendering considering I done anything involving video in a long time.
Link to Green Flower Zone Remix that will be used in the wad.
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