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First off, I don't think the OLDC has any advantage of the Releases section when it comes to Circuit maps. For Match and CTF, the obvious disadvantage of Releases is that it's hard to get a netgame together for a single obscure map. The OLDC circumvents this by bundling many maps together into one file. For these reasons, it would be a death knell to Match and CTF if their respective divisions were removed because nobody would be able to critique the maps anymore. Now you might say: "Isn't the same true for Circuit? It's also a multiplayer gametype." Well, it is, but there is no interaction. There is no significant additional insight on a Circuit map you could gain from playing it in a netgame rather than privately. While Match and CTF rely heavily on interaction and the level design must accommodate this, Circuit levels might just as well be played in Single Player. Therefore, you can review Circuit levels without playing netgames.

In other words, I don't think your justification for not wanting to make Circuit maps outside of the OLDC is a good one. With that in mind, let me come back to why I called you hypocritical:

I'm not saying that you're supposed to keep Circuit alive singlehandedly. But if you stop making Circuit maps just because the OLDC is gone, then you have no right to complain if the gametype dies as a result. If you do continue to make Circuit maps and nobody plays them, then you have a right to complain. If you do continue to make Circuit maps but nobody else does, you also have a right to complain. Even if you stop making Circuit maps for reasons entirely unrelated to the removal of the Circuit, you can complain. But if you and other people say "I wouldn't make Circuit maps if there was no OLDC division for them", it's not Mystic's fault if the gametype dies. Maybe "hypocrite" is too harsh a word for what I meant to say; sorry for that. But I think nonetheless that there is a disconnect between lamenting the demise of a gametype yet not doing anything against it despite being able to do so.

Oh, and to play devil's advocate here, did you ever get any useful feedback on Girder Detour Zone in the OLDC?
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