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Here are my remarkably grumpy votes, hurriedly finished at the last minute.


Ponies Suck Zone by awfulfan
2/10 - Awful
Why would you say last OLDC that joke maps are stupid, and shouldn't be done, and then this time turn around and do one yourself?
But to the level itself. The first thing that occurs to me is "Oh boy, another of Fawfulfan's trademark texturing jobs!" Seriously, I don't know what you are smoking when you do the texturing, but your choices are horrible. From the seizure inducing hallways with that weird vertical line texture, to the room with rock walls, it absolutely astounds me. Oh, and I guess I should mention the REDWALL sky, too?
Gameplay-wise, the level isn't horrid, but it leaves a lot to be desired. For one, it seemed like wherever I ran, I'd end up smashing into a dead end, and getting pelted from behind by enemies following. The second story has something that can be said for it, it was a creative idea, that reminds me a bit of the Luigi's Mansion MarioKart stage, from Double Dash. Too bad it is very boring up there, and covered with the not very attractive blue concrete texture.
And finally, there is your artwork. What on earth is that thing in the middle? It looks like an anorexic horse! If this is all you can do, I definitely have you beat in the sector art department next contest.
"Confiscated Pony Chow"
What I have to ask, is why on earth would a box say "STOLEN FOOD" on it? Would the thief really be that silly as to brand that on his goods? It might have actually made me laugh if it said something slightly funny, like "Constipated Pony Chow" on it, but as it is, it doesn't make any sense to me. Obviously, all this was meant as a shot to all us pony lovers, but couldn't you have used a bit more wit in your jokes?
All I can say is, you're lucky you made Greenflower Sunset Zone, because if it weren't for that, I'd think your level making skills were beginning to fade. :p

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph

3/10 - Bad
First thing I have to say: AWESOME idea. I was pretty wowed by the whole idea when I picked up on it. The funny thing is, it took me a little while to do so. I started in first person, of course, and the first thing I did was jump. Since the ceiling and floor are exactly the same, I didn't even realize what had happened when the camera flipped. When I caught on, I was pretty impressed, but the levels glaring faults made it pretty much un-enjoyable. For example, the ring placement. It totally sucks, because each and every ring takes too much effort to get. You never have hardly any ammo to fire with, because it's hard to gather any. Also, like many people have said, the map is painfully symmetrical. One thing I loved about it though, was that it really felt like you were in space. I guess it was the fact that you could go in any direction, and instead of hitting an obnoxious death pit, you just started to die in a space countdown. Keep up the good imagination, just refine your skills a lot, and I think you'll do fine.

Southern Sands Zone by akb778

2/10 - Awful
What is this I don't even... Did you even have any vision for this map as you made it? It's like you just made a stage for the heck of it, arbitrarily smacking down some huge sectors, slopping ACZ paint on it, making a few pitiful attempts at sector based scenery, and calling it a day. Nice HOM there, too.

Aries City Zone by EternallyAries Red X
0/10 - Unplayable
Right here is where I would go off on the silliness of thinking a RP map belonged in the OLDC at all, but lucky for you, I talked to you about it on my server the other day. Instead, I'll just laugh about it, and eagerly anticipate your real stage next OLDC.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64
3/10 - Bad
I don't know what you have against running, but you must recognize that it is a key gameplay element of Sonic Robo Blast 2. Do not let your prejudices against runners bind you down, and stop you from making a map that is fun to play.

Capture the Flag:

Majestic Grove Zone by Scizor300

10/10 - Epic
I played through this stage twice, and the first time I wasn't too impressed. I was in a bad bit of C-Lag, and the only thing that stuck out to me was how hard it was to use the springs to get anywhere. The second time I played through it, I was awed. I had a good connection this time, (being the host) so I was able to enjoy it to it's fullest. And what I see here, is that you've made something beautiful. I've noticed in a lot of your other levels, that you have a big thirst for the wide open, a kind of area that makes the player feel free. In maps such as Quick Cliffs and that other level of yours, with the white cliffs, you weren't able to pull it off so successfully, and you ended up just making maps that seemed cheap, and suffered a lot of problems from SRB2's engine. In this one, however, you've managed to accomplish that expansive feeling while keeping the level polished. I'm gonna guess you spent a lot more time on this one than on the other ones. [Actually, coming back at this comment later, I realize there were some visual glitches, but I guess I never stumbled upon them.]
The first thing that I realized when I looked at the stage thoroughly, was that in every way, it is incredibly great to look at. The textures are soft, expressive choices, that are appealing to the eye, and they don't get ugly at long distances. That alone is much more than can be said for almost every other level in the multiplayer pack. The multiple path variation is great too, and I love the way you used the vertical space in your map, taking another dimension of gameplay there. I found it absolutely exhilerating to run across the top bridges, boosted by the ample speed shoes. This was probably one of the first times when I would see a speed shoes box, and actually think "Yay! Just what I needed!" For that matter, the SRM's everywhere, although a mistake I'm sure, weren't an unhappy one. A few of the others agreed with me on this: The abundance of them made them a bit more than the rare treat that you lose fast, and instead seemed to make the way the game played out even more interesting. Another bonus was the huge bases. Instead of the normal problem that pervades most CTF or match maps, where there is stuff to get stuck on EVERYWHERE, there was plenty of room to maneuver around and pull some fancy tricks. In fact, at one point there was enough room for a full fledged raid on the red base, where all the players duked it out in somewhat close quarters. Annoying protrusions are one thing that seriously brings down the gameplay value in a lot of current maps, and I was relieved to see that your map didn't suffer from this. Overall, epic map, and I'm not exaggerating my enjoyment of it when I give it a 10.

Oh, while I'm at it, people complained about it being too long. Being probably the only person who somewhat enjoyed Angle Forest last contest, I don't really understand this complaint. Are people overly spoiled by easy as pie levels like Lime Forest? What does it matter if it is actually hard to make it back to the base alive? Just down the point limit if you really need to, and it's all good. In my opinion, capturing the flag should take more skill than just speeding through enemy fire, and be more of a test of the ability of the player to outrun, or stay out of enemy sights, while putting platforming skills to use. I guess a lot of people won't agree with me, but I think it's more a matter of opinion than absolute.

Mystical Heights Zone by Metal Fighter

6/10 - Decent
Wow... You had quite a dream when you made this map! It really is beautiful, and it merits a lot of appreciation from me just for that. The first time I played it, I was quite moved as I picked my way over the clouds, onto lone garden platforms. Yet, despite that, there is something about this map that makes me not want to play it, I wish I could go into more detail on what I don't like about it, but for some reason I can't figure out what it is.

White Pass Zone by Kuba11

6/10 - Decent
One of the first ice CTF levels I've seen in a while that I actually somewhat like. It was a very unique set up I thought, even thought the bases probably could have standed to have been twice as far apart as they are now. Not much specific to say about this map, except that I found it annoying to keep crashing into steps at high speeds. Oh, and it was too fun to grab a few bounce rings and spam the base, which is entirely flat, and vulnerable to it.

Sylvan Shrines Zone by Spherallic
7/10 - Good
Certainly a pretty map, and my favorite after Majestic Grove, but it suffers from a lot of MAJOR flaws. For one, the level lags for a lot of us, and that alone makes it really hard to dodge the many annoying obstacles. And again, these obstacles, it seems like they're everywhere, right in the way. I try to get anywhere, and BAM, I crash into a protruding fountain rim, or a stone step, or whatever the heck is there to get in my way. A few other things I have wrong with it also, but I won't bother going into them because the other people already mentioned them.
I did love the theme of the level, though, I thought it was very well executed. My favorite part of the stage was the floating platforms. Once I realized I could get on them, I was really excited, but sadly,my excitement went away once I realized it was too laggy for sniping.


Croissant Mountain Zone by D00D64
8/10 - Great
Talk about [Insert Cool Word Here] Zone.
A lot of people didn't like this for various reasons, but I have to say it was one of my favorites. I tested it for you a while ago, though, and I should have reported any of the flaws I found to you. But I didn't. :/
One of the things I LOVED about this stage, was that it reminded me of a Sonic R stage. I'm not sure what about it did, but nevertheless, the feeling was there, and I soaked it all in.
3 major flaws with it though:
Major character imbalance. It' REALLY easy to completely dominate with Tails or Knuckles.
Silly spikeballs, that are completely inappropriate for the theme of the level, and a cheap shot at stopping the player.
Small checkpoint sectors are too easy to miss.
With a little refining, this could actually be one awesome race map.
Of course, perhaps the reason it was my favorite was because I got 1st place against about 15 others? :D
Oh, and nice ":3" face off hidden on the cliffs.

Frozen Hall Zone by Metal Fighter
7/10 - Good
Everything I would have to say about this map is summed up in other peoples stuff. Either that, or I'm just getting lazy and don't want to write an more.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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