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Well, seems like it's my turn now. Let's start it.

Single Player Rotation

Greenflower Sunset Mystic Realm Copycat Zone by Fawfulfan - 6/10 - Decent

It looks like a mix of Sunshine Atoll + Jade Coast + Tempest Valley + The first hub of Tortured Archives. Honestly, there was no fun in it. What attracts me towards the stages are the gimmicks, but yours weren't THAT fun. The texturing seems good, although the hazards aren't... well... hazardous. There's your 6.

Flower Cave Simply Impossible Zone by Miles Knuckles Power - 4/10 - Mediocre

And again we come over this. A flat one-room Emerald Hunt in which I died before touching the floor and sacrificed myself to get a shard on a top of a waterfall which seems impossible to get, constrasting with another laying on a rock, with Buzzes with changed sprites and awful music. Please, Miles, didn't you hear my advices?

Sparkling Icecap My Little Tundra: Gargoyles Are Magic Zone by Thompson - 8/10 - Great

Well, Thompson, you kinda disappointed me. After playing Twilight Isles and Clockwork Grove, what do we have? When I was playing this, I thought with myself "I just can't believe it's Thompson's". It just not seemed yours. That's because I felt the lack of interesting gimmicks. The lag was kinda noticeable (I've spent about 30 minutes trying to get out of a little cave, my computer lagged like hell). The hazards are ridiculously cheap and the way to trigger some gimmicks looked awful. I simply had no idea in how to get the gargoyle out of the top of that geyser, which seemed impossible with all that lag. However, the lava sequence was a genious touch, althought it looked like that running part was completely INESCAPABLE with Sonic. The music was good, a nice, calm remix of S3&K's Ice Cap, I liked it. After all, despite all the flaws, You still have your magic touch. Keep making good maps.

Frozen Hillside Cute Icy Zone by Blade - 10/10 - Epic

I have no reasons to complain. Please gimme a second act of this COMPLETELY CUTE MAP!

Stronghold Forest Meh Zone by KOTE - 5/10 - Average

You're slightly losing your creativity, KOTE. As running along the level, I noticed the Heavy Crawla - It's goddamn fast. How can possibly a HEAVY enemy dash towards the player EVEN FASTER THAN A DETON? It just makes no freaking sense. The texturing is nice, but the stage was boring, and I never liked Castle Eggman Act 1's music. You should really try again.

Jadeflower Zone WTF LAVA by blahblahbal - 4/10 - Mediocre

LAVA Although the music is good and LAVA the landscape is nice, LAVA there's something I need to say:

No hazards
No gimmicks
No fun


White Brokeback Mountain Zone by Kuba11 - Disqualified

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, TIS COMPLETELY WRONG! How could you forget the exit sector. You made me waste time spinning in circles looking for a non-existent exit. Looks like... um... I SPOKE THUSLY Act 1.

Waterway Ruin Tidal Tempest Mid-Future by Chrome - Disqualified

You guaranteed me a little fun by giving me Tidal Tempest back - Pity you've wasted all your map to put a ridiculous pit under that pipe, so I couldn't simply run to it. Also, I could not use Tails, because your map was MAP04. I never review a stage using Sonic like this one. Nice try.


Well, I'm think I'll vote on the rest later. See you soon ;)
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