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Reviews in or something. I dunno. I originally didn't want to do this due to how underwhelming the turnout for MP was, but figured "Oh I played these, so why not"

Ponies Suck Its a Horse Zone - 3/10

One giant spamfest. It becomes a huge clusterfuck in the middle room, especially since you can grab grenade above the hole in the ceiling and just lob shit in there. The textures also serously need work, as it all looks the same (and ugly). Also, HI REDWALL.

Flux Satellite WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE Zone - 1/10

An ok concept with horrendous execution. Symetrical, ugly, difficult to navigate, easy to get stuck, and unless you're spamming Bomb and Rail (assuming you can FIND them), its just a nightmare. At this point, I'm thinking reverse gravity and multiplayer just dont mix.

Southern Sands I Dont Know A Cave From A Hole In The Ground Zone - 2/10

HI HOM. Incredibly flat, devoid of much, and with almost no cover makes this a rail map. Unless you go into that underground hole with tons of Bounce Ring ammo beforehand. Then you just camp under there. On the surface or underground, unless you have either of those weapons, you simply arn't safe.

Frozen Tundra About 20 Sectors Zone - 3/10

Random monitors, additional pannels, difficult to use springs, probably 2x bigger than it has any right to be, inanely vertical, blech texturing... Yeah, this is without a doubt a rush job. I had more fun on this than two of the other maps here, but that might have been the random monitors (which we really shouldn't encourage).


Not reviewing because my last memory of them is hazy at best (Aside from Sciz's map being WAY TOO FUCKING BIG), and its hard to do a replay of them.


Croissant Mountain I Stopped Giving A Shit 3 Days In Zone

>Work on map for 3 days
>Get bored with it
>Submit it next month anyway
The idea of the map was to balence the three characters. The first platforms were there purely to stop the Mindless First Thok and give Tails/Knux a head start for a change. Though, that may have worked TOO effectively... As for checkpoints, all I had to help with testing was SpiritCrusher, so neither of us probably noticed the checkpoint placement (which was there to Tails couldn't be too op by spinflying straight into the hole). And the teleport was ment to be silent, but it was around that time I stopped giving a shit, and I probably wont update this map anytime soon either.

Frozen Hall Ice Water Is Still Bullshit Zone - 4/10

I couldn't TELL you how many times I was killed by ice water because someone swiped the rings before I did. In addition to that, the pool shortcut makes the other shortcut pretty pointless. Also, why is the waterfall pool NOT ice water if it looks the same as the ice water? Otherwise, not much to say about it.

I doubt I'll do CTF or SP. CTF because of the lack of players for a replay, and SP because I'm frankly just not interested in playing it.

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