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Time for those multiplayer maps


Ponies Suck Zone - 0/10
Okay, this map is truly a joke map. Someone actually bothered to bring their hatred and concentrate it into a map on the OLDC, just becaudse they dislike someone. Well, personal moments aside, this map is still very plain and bland, and the sky is literally bleeding as well. It's all so cramped in here, and the only fights are in the middle, which is a giant spamfest, and heading up to the upper levels is pretty well pintless, nobody is up there anyway.

Flux Satellite - 2/10
The concept is not too bad, it looks more like a CTF level, anyways, this map is quite small, its hard to move to other rooms, and I certainly got lost too, getting rings was a chore. I bet you if you concentrate rings into streams, make it bigger, and make it more features, and makew it longer, and easiuer to navigate, it will be the next CTF winner!

Southern Sands Zone - 2/10
I couldn't find all the weapons, and even then, the weapons were extremely hard to get. precision platforming + match = death. It's not a good combination. Make it easy for players to flow through the stage and collect things along the way, there are wide open spaces with nothing in them. The level was also quite bland and uninteresting, ans also very flat.

Frozen Tundra Zone - 2/10
Okay, people ask others to make their map more verttical, but this is WAY to vertical. Anyone with the rail can completely dominate it, and meanwhile the rail is a snap to grab anyway for some spawns at the top of the map. Someone could just stay at the top and rail everyone. Also, the emeralds are a pain to find, however the card and ring placements were quite flowing and interesting and kept players moving, that was the only thing I kinda liked about this bland and unappealing map.


Majestic Grove Zone - 7/10
Okay, this level was one of the most detailed in the multiplayer pack, you should be proud! But even so, detail isn't everything, it was a little hard to get place with the spring placement, IU remember using multiple springs to get somewhere. Multiple springs = bad in CTF. Also, theres not many ways to go in this map, which makes for an uninteresting gamne of CTF. This map looks pretty, but doesn't play very well.

Mystical Heights Zone - 8.5/10
It lagged a whee bit, but that didn't matter, it was worth it for the eyes! The level was pretty, and had various paths to walk through, the cards were interestingly placed, I won't be surprised if this becomes the CTF winner! The only thing I didn't like was the vulnerability to rail rings at times, but that's probably a map feature, given the map is a giant deathpit. But other than that, this was an incredibly amazing map! I wish you luck!

Frozen Pass Zone - 6/10
This is not a bad map, it actually played nicely, although it was filled with the same colour, and I was sometimes confused at which base I was in. The visuals are pretty, and I also spotted some redwall too. Yes, when you see a wall that is red, you must form a mob. I Do't have much to say about this one.

Sylvan Shrines Zone - 7.5/10
This was actually pretty looking! I enjoy it very much, but for some reason I don't know where to go, perhaps you could add a few arrows to help guide us to the flag? Because I got lost here, and being lots can cost you a point or two until you realize someone who knows the way, and follow them. This map has interesting places for object,s and lots of visual. It kind of lacks a few springs, that would help actually. And one single path through the middle isn't going to turn out well, I'm sure everyone will concentrate at the center, that center is a warzone, just like Lime Forest and a whole bunch of new players. Which doesn't really help players get somewhere. There must be some more difficult to navigate avoidance, like in Silver Cascade

Race maps sometime soon!
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