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Single Player

GreenFlower Sunser by FawFulFan 8/10
Nice Co-op map, only thing that does not fit there is the music. Good Job FawFulFan.

Flower Cave by Miles Knuckle Power 1/10
Seriously man, it's just an empty map with some emeralds.

Frozen Hillside by Blade 9/10
Cool and creative map, I liked the details.

Stronghold Forest by KO.T.E 10/10
Interesting level desing. I really loved that map... I found a cute pony there :3.

White Mountain by Kuba 11 - Disqualified 3/10
Too Much Lava, also the level is a lot confusing.

Waterway Ruin by Chrome - Disqualified 9/10
Aww, the level was disqualified. Well Awesome map, Cool music and nice idea. Good Job Chrome.


Ponies Suck by FawFulFan 6/10
Small and cool map. Oh the red sky looks horrible.

Flux Satellite by 742mph 3/10
Hell no!. not a nice desing for a match stage, is just an empty map floating in the space; well at least you got an original idea.

Southern Sands by akb778 4/10
Is a lot big for a match game.

Aries City by Eternally Aries Red X - Disqualified 1/10
Hurray for the Roleplay and Hangout map!. By the way it's just a bad copy of tyrcity (In my opinion).

Frozen Tundra by Chaos Zero 64 4/10
The map is really small for a decent match, people just get a lot of bombs and won really easy.


Majestic Grove by Scizor300 7/10
Nice level desing, good idea and good job. Eh the music does not fit there :/

Mystical Heights by Metal Fighter 10/10
I really liked this map. It looks nice with those grey textures, also the desing is original and pretty good. Good Job Metal Fighter.

White Pass by Kuba 11 4/10
Well, ice CTF maps are a lot confusing, most of the textures seems to be blue; also nice level desing.

Sylvan Shrines by Spherallic 8/10
Well, that guy always make good maps. Nice idea, nice desing. Oh those textures are confusing if there's lag.

Croissant Mountain by D00D64 5/10
the idea is interesting and original, but the map is kinda unplayable with lag.

Frozen Hall by Metal Fighter 6/10
The water hurts :(, and those platforms made people fail a lot. Well is a nice map.
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