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I guess since this time I played this OLDC I'll do a little voting and small commentary.

Single Player

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan 7/10
I thought I'd never see a Greenflower Zone in a sunset kind of theme. I actually found this level soothing to play through, with a wonderful choice of music in my opinion. The thing about this level is that to me its just a bunch of jumping platform to platform, and avoiding death pits at one point. Certainly not a lot of gimics and such like a lot of your amazing levels I've seen. But its 'Greenflower' Sunset Zone, so I didn't expect a lot of gimics.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power 1/10
Um.. Like what everyone said, Emerald Hunt is not enjoyable. The level is small and square like and really easy to play through. I like how you hid a nuke shield though, but honestly don't know how that would help. Maybe try not making an Emerald Hunt level? Music is boring to me.. But that's just me :P

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson 8/10

I really wanted to get that invincibility at the start, how taunting. Anyways this level was amazing to play through. Enjoyed every small little gimic, it really kept interest in playing through the level. The puzzles were interesting as well, and loving how you must melt the ice to proceed through the level. My concerns for this level is the level/frame lag, it isn't that bad on my computer but its still noticeable. The level is still playable though, but about the part at the end when the lava rises up. I played this level in Coop and others couldn't go through the lava part as it was blocking them. Was there another path? I don't know. The ice theme is beautiful with fire makes this level unique in my opinion.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade 10/10
Blade.. ;c Did you say those Penguinators were sprited by me and fixed by Nev3r? :P Heh. So at first when I saw this level over your screenshots, I thought it looked very dull. Great to see you used different textures on the walls and the top hat on your snowman. Funny how I was just by a penguin and it got killed from the snowman's iceball.. Thing.. (Is it suppose to be ice or a snowball?) This level I found easy to play through, and was fun to me, the heavy snow also made it seem more realistic of it being snow. For the most I will say for this level, was that I thought I'd never see you make an ice level, this is probably the most beautiful ice level I've seen in a long time. Also.. Why are my Penguinators green looking? :c

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E 8/10
SFZ1 was alright to me, it kinda felt flat to me.. But that could be me you know. Is this suppose to be a remake of a level in Chaos Domain? Anyways, I did like how you did this map though, it did give a military kind of feeling through out the whole level, especially with the tanks coming at you. You sprited these tanks very well and I love the different shadings of brown you used for the mud on the tanks. Now that really made me feel like the tank went through some very heavy training *bricked* But nonetheless I liked this map, and I liked the short tree climbing part. I don't got much to say for this level.

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 -/10
Just one thing.. I know it is disqualified, but I actually spent so much time looking for an exit, I even back tracked. Wasting almost 20 minutes looking, did anyone else do this? Or is it just me? Just next time enter a level that is finished. But I liked your choice of different textures used here. Really brings out contrast.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome -/10
I remember playing that one stage that had this entrance as the ending. I instantly knew who made the map. Loving the Sonic CD music used here as well and how calming the water level really is. Some parts seemed cramped, probably those 'pipe' like places. But I did like how there was this cylinder kind of thing and you stepped on to the purple platform and it raises by the water, that I thought was cool.. Though I actually got squished by it. Great to see a level using the purple lake and the doom ship textures together though. Too bad it got disqualified.. Cause I actually liked this one.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal 4/10

Intro looked.. Fascinating.. And then you finish it in a few seconds. I was hoping for me, my hopes got lost after seeing that darn exit sign. It was disappointing to see potential of a level end so quickly. If only you extended the level.. Of a once peaceful kind of paradise that soon burns from a volcano on it.. Well as I see there is a small portion of lava (that surprisingly doesn't hurt you) it did give me a volcano kind of idea.


Ponies Suck Zone by Fawfulfan 1/10
I hope this is some kind of joke of yours, I was surprised to hear you made this level, as it is nothing compared to your works. I had a great laugh though. Lol confiscated pony chow.. And yikes indeed for forgetting a skynum. Red is blinding, and this level is square like.

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph 1/10
The idea of gravity flipping was interesting, but there were barely any rings. How can anyone play match in this level without an actual good amount of rings? It was also hard to find people as they're on the other side of the platform you're standing on. I also thought this was a CTF level. At least bomb seems to be abusive here.. I think, if I ever got it. I lost interest in this level quickly though.

Southern Sands Zone by akb778 2/10
Eh.. It's an okay level. I really don't have much to say about this one, but where are the weapon panels? Are they hiding on me? :c? I really don't have much to say about this one.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64 3/10
Springs and 2 rail panels, I love railing in this stage. This stage was kind of dull and boring to me. It did feel small as well as there wasn't much going on here.

I'll do CTF and Race later when I get the chance to play them.

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