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Alright, lots of SP maps for once. DL'ing now!

EDIT: Review time...

Single Player

Greenflower Sunset Zone, by Fawfulfan - 7/10

This is pretty much like Blade's level - pretty straightfoward with some impressive visuals and a well-executed gimmick.

Flower Cave Zone, by Miles Knuckles Prower - 2/10

Ooh, an Emerald Hunt level... and a bad one too. Some of the emerald locations are too obvious and some of the rest are too cryptic. Plus it's only a single room with bad texturing IMO.

Sparkling Icecap, by Thompson - 6/10

Fawfulfan pretty much summed it up - laggy + HOM-city. I quit at the same spot as Tyler52. I still give it points for some impressive visuals.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1, by Blade - 8/10

...Which means the other ice-themed SP map here gets my vote for the win. (I'm a hypocrite, am I?) The custom enemies here are excellent and the level design is pretty straightfoward. Typical Blade I guess - mapmaking machine that produces winner after winner.

Stronghold Forest Zone, by KO.T.E. - 7/10

This is waaaaaayy better than the original SFZ1. The visuals and gimmicks here are very good. The custom enemy (camo crawla) can be a bit annoying sometimes though.

White Mountain Zone, by Kuba11 - 0/10

Not giving this a review until somebody finds out how to get past that one part.
EDIT: Metal Fighter found out that you can't get past that one part because there is literally nothing after it. Was this map even finished, or was that one part going to be the exit?

Waterway Ruin Zone, by Chrome - 8/10

For a water level it's really good. Lots of stuff here was executed very nicely.
Wait, wha... o_O This was DQ'd?

Jadeflower Zone Act 3, by blahblahbal - 2/10

Any level that you can complete with zero effort in less than a minute gets an automatic minus from me.


Ponies Suck Zone, by Fawfulfan - 5/10

I would give this a 10/10 based off title alone, but I won't. It's just your average Match map with no SKYNUM in the header.

Flux Satellite Zone, by 742mph - 4/10

CTF map turned into match map much? Also, having reverse gravity everywhere, even though it was a good idea, made it a little confusing to navigate.

Southern Sands Zone, by akb778 - HOMs/Fail

Whoops, forgot to mention that this map magically breaks software mode...
EDIT: Managed to fix the HoM problem with this + improved various other areas.

New screenshots:

Old screenshots:

Aries City Zone, by EternallyAries Red X - 7/10

It's bad to see this and Waterway Ruin DQ'd because they were both good maps. This seems like it was somewhat based off Tyr City or something like that. Only problems here are that it's a little laggy, and why is this map an SP map in the header?

Frozen Tundra Obligatory Ice-themed Match map Zone, by CZ64 - 5/10

This map was kinda like my map - nothing too special here but at least playable.


Majestic Grove Zone, by Scizor300 - 6/10

This map manages to be really big and really good at the same time. The layout's not bad but, just like Fawfulfan said, it would take a lot of players in order for this map to be exciting.

Mystical Hights Zone, by Metal Fighter - 7/10

A little laggy at some points but the visuals are really good and it's pretty straightfoward, too.

White Pass Obligatory Ice-themed CTF map Zone, by Kuba11 - 5/10

The team bases felt cramped, otherwise it's just an average CTF map with nothing too spectacular.

Sylvan Shrines Zone, by Spherallic - 9/10

This gets my vote for the CTF division. Amazing design combined with a good theme equals awesomeness.


Croissant Mountain Zone, by D00D64 - 3/10

First off, if you fall in the water at the precision-jumping area you have to backtrack. Secondly, precision jumping just doesn't work with Race mode. Thirdly, what's with the title?

Frozen Hall Obligatory Ice-themed Race map Zone, by Metal Fighter - 6/10

Typical race map of the times with some creativity to break up the thokfesting flow.
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