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  1. WellDoneSnake

    [Open Assets] Zone Builder

    By any chance is it possible for users to have the NiGHTs path appear for custom mapthing types by editing the config or something? Or is this a hardcoded feature?
  2. WellDoneSnake

    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    In response to Gambit's questions: TL;DR IDK what motivates me but I like bringing ideas I have about level designs in SRB2 into reality. The community (referring both SRB2 & Sonic) and its resources have made a lot of stuff easier and enjoyable when it comes to mapping. I don't have as many...
  3. WellDoneSnake

    General project screenshot/video thread

    rip forgot about attachment size limit Mania HUD elements (Score, Time, Rings, Numbers & Symbols) from Pyrakid Wolfo's "V_ManiaHud-v1.2.wad"
  4. WellDoneSnake

    Rapidgame7's uhh thread

    I take it that you still haven't figured out how to implement quaternions yet. 👀
  5. WellDoneSnake

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    Yes it does, the HUD supports green and non-green screen resolutions.
  6. WellDoneSnake

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    Not sure if we'll do cups but there's a tournament concept that falls into one of the 3 racing gametypes we currently have planned.
  7. WellDoneSnake

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    For board type extreme gears, they're currently planned to be separate objects from the player and their sprite.
  8. WellDoneSnake

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    Thought I'd expand on Latius' HUD post a while back: Yes I'm in 3rd, shush...
  9. WellDoneSnake

    About Requests

    I see thanks for the response, I currently have a bit of code done for just tags actions with Sonic or Tails. I'll prioritise finishing off code for the other characters before adding a request post + examples to an old editing thread.
  10. WellDoneSnake

    About Requests

    Heyo, just wanted to ask that if I'm making an addon and I'm showcasing a suitable amount of W.I.P, then am I allowed to make request for other members to assist me with my work in my editing thread on this forum (or even on Discord). For example right now I'm making tag action abilities for...
  11. WellDoneSnake

    Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

    Just for clarity the members who are working on this mod are: Will probably have this list placed in the first post too.
  12. WellDoneSnake

    [Open Assets] Starpost Rewards [v2.2]

    Bringing this back from my old release pack in 2.1, ditched the convoluted setup too. >>Updated to v2.2 see changelog below<< Introducing... Starpost Rewards Not much to explain here. Activating a starpost will reward the player with rings, shields and other power-ups. Note: Don't...
  13. WellDoneSnake

    [Open Assets] Sonic & Knuckles+

    Heyo! I'm sorta back and I have something I wanted to release for people to mess around with. Introducing... Sonic&Knuckles+ A mod taken from another piece of work that I'll be porting later. It allows you play vanilla SRB2 with Sonic and Knuckles in a whole other way. You'll get the taste...
  14. WellDoneSnake

    [Open Assets] Double Cherry Monitors [v2.1]

    Hey all thought I'd show off a mini-side project that I was working on to figure out how I'd want to tackle recreating bot-like behaviour. >>Updated to v2.1 see notes in "Important Stuff" section and changelog below<< Introducing... Double Cherry Power-Up Yes I know on Discord I kept going...
  15. WellDoneSnake


    Yeah it was the ghost's tracer afterall, I don't think I read that code block correctly last night :v , thanks tho. I think I might add this info to the wiki since it's not really mentioned anywhere, not sure where it would belong tho. Edit: Nvm looks like that info was on the lua functions...
  16. WellDoneSnake


    Allow for the player's followmobj's ghost to copy certain attributes of the player's ghost (custom spawned), e.g. the fuse timer. Or rather just allow for the followmobj's ghost to not be created by default if you use the FollowMobj hook and the function returns true. From what I've noticed any...
  17. WellDoneSnake

    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    Cyber Deton - KIMOKAWAIII Update (17/11/2020, 04:23) - Custom HUD was interfering with other levels.
  18. WellDoneSnake

    [1.3.6] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo

    Congrats! Congrats on pulling through, not just with yourself but your team too! Can't wait to dive into this mod and detail my experience (defo expecting to be hama'd or mudo'd at some point lol). This is one of the few mods that would always have me interested in making an RPG based level...
  19. WellDoneSnake


    Being able to create or use a set amount of custom variables for the SKIN lump via SOC or lua would be pretty cool. Although, I read that it's quite challenging to implement something like this.
  20. WellDoneSnake

    [Open Assets] Starpost Rewards [v2.2]

    Update 2.2 Thanks for pointing this out, I've now fixed it and uploaded v2.2 of this addon to the main post.