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  1. SSNFang

    zypher takis the fox

    i am frank
  2. SSNFang

    how do i add srb2 models in versions before 2.0?

    my apologies for replying to a 3 month old comment, but: No, you can. Unfortunately, you can only have 1 player model at a time, so that kind of sucks. The process of applying models is the same as in every other version, except player models MUST be defined as "PLAY [model name].md2 [size...
  3. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

    i posted an update here but the update was deleted so
  4. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

    took abt half a month to get v1.1 out... thats cute
  5. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

    it is here Release v1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2) - Release v1.1

    Changelog!! - Changed name from REN's Custom Colors to Fang's Custom Colors. (As of 1/21/24, the title is now Frank's Custom Colors. The main file's name will not change until I make another update though.) - Added 13 new normal colors: Forceful Mustard Phantom Ruby Exception Sonic 1 Blue...
  7. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

  8. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

    i will fix things
  9. SSNFang

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    cropped from this (edit, 10/3/23): it is no longer this image
  10. SSNFang

    Lua Thok Scripting Example

    i highly doubt they're completely removing the thok from the game, if they even decide to change sonic's jump ability at all.
  11. SSNFang

    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    Earlier versions did that, it'd make sense for this version to do the same
  12. SSNFang

    Febuary 2000 Prototype Discussion (previously "First version of GFZ FOUND")

    but can we not just like. Use DOSBOX?
  13. SSNFang

    SRB2Neo WIP shits...

    So uhh, I'm just gonna make this WIP thread to let people know I'm making this ahead of time. SRB2 Neo is a map pack, presented in a similar fashion to the main SRB2 campaign, and Mystic Realm. The zones are basically remixes of vanilla SRB2's levels, but not exactly fully based off of them...
  14. SSNFang

    Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

    omg. kino in the threes dimension. so petros.
  15. SSNFang

    [Open Assets] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles

    XMomentum (Hold jump after hitting a spring. If you land on your head, the SPR2_SHIT/OOF animation will play.)
  16. SSNFang

    [Open Assets] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles

    I'd best assume you downloaded that from someone else's server.
  17. SSNFang

    [Open Assets] Super Mystic Sonic [SMSreborn v3-2: Boundless]

    it's literally just a map. If you need to warp to it, the map is in slot 352, or H0.
  18. SSNFang

    Frank's Custom Colors (FCx2)

    v1.1 is probably gonna come soon. Once all of the skincolors show proper, I'll release it.