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  1. PlatterTheFinch

    what happened to the web version

    The only option to make an updated web port would be to build from source, and tweak the game to run in WASM (because the game's compiler script lacks an inbuilt option to do that). And, let's be honest, none of us know how to do that.
  2. PlatterTheFinch

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    4-player splitscreen. I'm sure it'd be hard to implement, but that's just something I'd like to see.
  3. PlatterTheFinch

    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    Another excuse to play this game again, I suppose.
  4. PlatterTheFinch

    Game thinks my controller is being used by another player

    This message appears when the controller is not supported in the SDL2 input layer. Really all you can do is update SDL2 and hope for the best.
  5. PlatterTheFinch

    Any funny history of your childhood related to sonic?

    My first exposure to Sonic was when I was who knows how young, playing Mega Collection at my cousins' house. Also, I used to call the Super Peel-Out the Top Dash, because you hold Up to use it. I was never very bright.
  6. PlatterTheFinch

    "The joystick is used by another player"

    Also I'm able to use these controllers when I play the game on my laptop, just this one PC is having problems. Additionally, the problem doesn't persist in SRB2 proper.
  7. PlatterTheFinch

    [Open Assets] Rail Grinding

    I'm not sure if it has a binding by default, but it's at the very bottom of the control configuration page.
  8. PlatterTheFinch

    I need help hosting a dedicated server.

    Before worrying about whether it shows up on the Master Server, try checking on another device whether you can join from your server's private IP, and then it's public IP (you can find that at If you can join in both cases and it's still not showing up on the Master Server, -Make...
  9. PlatterTheFinch

    (RESLOVED) Why can't I download some mods?

    Some older mods* will require you to go to the Discussion tab, and then download the files from the bottom of the post. *"older" as in "made before the download button was added to the site"
  10. PlatterTheFinch

    Ai modding help

    You can try. ChatGPT is notorious for making errors, especially in programming. That, coupled with the fact that SRB2 use a really esoteric version of Lua (a fork of BLua), means it probably won't go over well. On the off chance it gives you the program you want, be sure to denote on the release...
  11. PlatterTheFinch

    [Open Assets] Haya's Expansion Pak

    How exactly do I use the local skin feature?
  12. PlatterTheFinch

    Kart bug reports thread

    Even though there are many servers to pick from, only a few (about 3-6) have a good amount of players in them. If you are unable to connect to the Master Server, check your Internet connection, restart your PC, and try again in a few hours. If all else fails, you may need to reinstall the game.
  13. PlatterTheFinch

    "The joystick is used by another player"

    yeah thats right its me again Upon trying to bind my controller to be used with SRB2Kart, I came across a strange notice. Watch the attached gif and try and see what's wrong: Yes, it's showing that my one (1) attached controller is being used by other players, even though they are very clearly...
  14. PlatterTheFinch

    What will the last version of srb2 be like

    Regardless, I'm just sharing how I think it will turn out. I don't mean to complain.
  15. PlatterTheFinch

    the possibility of a master server for older srb2 versions?

    3rd-party Master Servers did exist at one point, and there's really no reason an alternate master server can't be made for those versions. Apparently, there's already a tool out there for creating your own master servers (at least, that's the impression it's giving me); see Snip -- links to...
  16. PlatterTheFinch

    What will the last version of srb2 be like

    1. With its current engine, SRB2 doesn't support loops at all. But SRB2 2.0 didn't have support for slopes, so I guess anything's possible. 2. Gameplay Tweaks is just a bit too intricate to be included outside of a mod, not to mention how it's a bit unbalanced. 3. With how much data exists for...
  17. PlatterTheFinch

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    Having the direct option to change how the game works is a bit farfetched. At that point, just add a new character who has the thok. I mean, I'm sure they're not gonna do that, but being able to toggle which jump-ability Sonic has is just too much. Besides, because of how character PK3s are...
  18. PlatterTheFinch

    Why is it that my game progress resets depending on what config file I use?

    I just recently figured out that I don't even need to use .bat files; I could just create a script with a series of setcontrol commands and load them as necessary. This is also better because it won't mess with my other settings. Don't be like me. Be smart.
  19. PlatterTheFinch

    SRB2 Cursed Images

    Don't ask for context because there is none :)
  20. PlatterTheFinch

    Why is it that my game progress resets depending on what config file I use?

    The one that I'm currently using consists of this: @Echo off srb2win.exe -config xbox.cfg The only other one I have is just the same thing but with the destination filename switched out: @Echo off srb2win.exe -config n64.cfg