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  1. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    That sounds cool. Even though i've don't notice much differences between both games's Light Dashes' behaviors.
  2. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    That is cool. I've would wish to know how to script and to have a good spriting skill so i've could portray on SRB2 what i've have on mind. But this is good. Could you post it on the MB?
  3. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    I can't find a legit way to get to BHZ with SA-Sonic. I've tried getting A-Ranks with the other 7 special stages multiple times. And i've unlocked the stage in the NiGHTS Mode, But I've can't get to it. I've had to cheat a little bit by putting "map 57" on the console. But didn't got nothing...
  4. SinOrejas293

    [Open Assets] Rebound Dash - experimental Sonic ability

    I've seen something kinda similar to these Thok-Replacing abilities in the v2.3 Leak Gifs. And this one fixes a problem the Thok had: Being stuck on walls. The Thok was only to just have some impulse and helping on Momentum. This helps for that and too for example: Y'know that hidden GFZ Boss on...
  5. SinOrejas293

    Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus -v2

    I N F I N I T E F L I G H T
  6. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    Bro, i've was doing all the SRB2 Special Stages with A-Rank with Adventure Sonic so i could get to Black Hole Zone as i've should guess now. And then i've was struggling with my School Computer which can't run a PC port of a 1998 game (Sonic Adventure, other game not SRB2) for more than 1 hour...
  7. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    This Add-On is great. But maybe you could add the Somerasault as an Custom 1 action in the SA2 and Hybrid sound flair?
  8. SinOrejas293

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    Oh, well didn't know that. Don't noticed that the models weren't reusable. Thanks for the info i've should have kinda realized if i've knew.
  9. SinOrejas293

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    Does someone know how to use MD3 in Blender? My Blender version (3.0) doesn't support it. I'll need it to do some tweaks to these 3D models to make it look more like SA1 and then give it to him so he could make it as an update. Edit: I've found an Add-On that makes support for these files, but i...
  10. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    I've didn't know that SRB2 couldn't support MP3. Now i've realize that most games use the .ogg audio format. Also the BIG problem i've had is that the SOC didn't save the changes. Then i've discovered the "Save" button in the SLADE interface. Now hopefully my Add-On can work properly after so...
  11. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    I've put the correct name to the sprite and that. But it shows this. I'm a lazy person who procastinates frequently and is kinda dumb sometimes anyways. Here's the screenshot of the order of the files in SLADE where i've put the markers. I've made only 2 sprites for now, 1 which is unused for...
  12. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    Yeah, i've realized the A character in the sprite names when doing a bit more deep research in the SRB2 Wiki. Didn't know exactly about the final number character that's for the angle the sprite will be. Didn't know about the not being able to replace pre-existing objects in the game. That would...
  13. SinOrejas293

    Sprites and sound not showing correctly?

    Hello. I am SinOrejas293, and i'm new to SRB2 Modding. i've was trying to make an Add-On that replaced Rings by Chili Dogs. I've made a sprite, and read things about SOCs and Objects. Made an .txt file with the information necessary for this sprite replacing Rings with a proper Meme sound. When...
  14. SinOrejas293

    Any interesting stories behind the creation of your Sonic OCs?

    Ok. So i've had an idea when going to my school, that was to make a Female Wolf Sonic OC with hair style based on Astro Boy. That's what i had in mind. I've did some drawings of her first when i've was endway through the school time. And then it looked kinda crap. Her eyes looked more chinese...
  15. SinOrejas293

    [Open Assets] Emotes

    Bro! My Gif made reality!
  16. SinOrejas293

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    Neo Sonic... Toei Sonic... Modern Sonic.. Greeneyes... Sonic the Wherehog... Now this... Bro, it's Sonic Into The Sonic-Verse here in SRB2.
  17. SinOrejas293

    Ellie the Sparklet

    Did you inspire your OC's design out of Blaze's Original Design? I've was seeing Chaomix's new Terios the Hedgehog (Shadow the Hedgehog's Original Concept Art Character) video, that was talking about him and about SA2's development and some other opinions about the other Terios designs that...
  18. SinOrejas293

    [Open Assets] Hexagonal Titlecards

    This Hexagonal Title Card makes me want to build a terrain for a building with a CAT Crane.
  19. SinOrejas293

    SRB2 Paint

    And so... I've started drawing my OC...
  20. SinOrejas293

    SRB2 Uncapped

    Now that i'm playing with the new update. I've noticed FPS began to go a lot worse than i've renember before in 1.1.1... When i'll play games goodly again... I've been drawing and posting to Twitter thinking that my School Laptop would run games goodly again... But now, It doesn't. I've know...