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    Effective criticism & reception of criticism, what does it look like?

    As an expert in playing games badly, I've been on both sides of this, and I have a heuristic that might be helpful to authors: People always know how they feel, but they may not always know why. People can misidentify problems, propose nonsense solutions, or completely misunderstand how they...
  2. Tyron

    [Open Assets] FRIENDMOD

    Dang. I literally don't even remember where I kept that, I might have just forgotten to move it over when I migrated servers. WHOOPS
  3. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Tyron updated HOSTMOD with a new update entry: 18 Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD - 18

    Fixed delay thresholds in hm_scoreboard to match the values used by base game's showping.
  5. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Tyron updated HOSTMOD with a new update entry: 17 Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD - 17

    Added hm_specbomb_antisoftlock. Previously, enabling hm_specbomb would silently enable a softlock-protection mechanism, intended to guarantee that games would end even if other mods didn't correctly handle no-contest / finish conditions. This wasn't previously disclosed, went against host...
  7. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Thanks for documenting this, might help someone else down the line. You can actually just deadass buy the Rootage OST, or at least pieces of it. It rocks.
  8. Tyron


    Yeah, all good. Do what you want.
  9. Tyron


    Tyron updated HORNMOD: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION with a new update entry: CE 2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. Tyron


    HORNMOD is now Reusable. I've been away from v1 dev for a long time, so if you need to hack around with my nightmare project, be my guest. Fixed shutup not working when horn_explode was on. I think i was notified of this, like, 6 different times and managed to have a stroke when looking at the...
  11. Tyron

    [Open Assets] Juicebox

    FIX'D, thanks Sev
  12. Tyron

    [Open Assets] Juicebox

    I think the tag in the resource title might be manually assigned by the reviewing judge. I've marked this as Reusable in the metadata, which you can see at the top of the Overview, but board staff might need to fix up the title marker? I'll be clear for the sake of any wandering lurkers in the...
  13. Tyron

    [Open Assets] Juicebox

    Juicebox is Reusable as of Guava, so you're welcome to edit the script to add Funny Deaths compatibility yourself. See lua/fastrespawn.lua. You'll also want to adjust respawndelay in lua/init.lua.
  14. Tyron

    [Open Assets] Juicebox

    Tyron updated Juicebox with a new update entry: Guava Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Tyron

    [Open Assets] Juicebox - Guava

    Meta Juicebox is now Reusable. I've been away from addon dev for a while, and the community has been up to some crazy involved stuff, to the point where interop is impossible without deep access to every dependency. If I'm not working on this, it doesn't feel fair to tell other people that they...
  16. Tyron

    [RESOLVED] EXPIRED CERTIFICATE - - November 30, 2022, 21:09 UTC

    I maintain that site, should be fixed now. (A lot of my certificate renewal stuff is still manual for a handful of weird reasons, wildcard certs are tricky and I've been kinda lazy about it.)
  17. Tyron

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    Honorable Mentions is not in mainline HOSTMOD—can't help ya.
  18. Tyron


    If you need a complete example, grab another HORNMOD expansion from the MB and open it in SLADE. They're pretty straightforward.
  19. Tyron


    Not yet, potential candidate for a future version—good thinking.
  20. Tyron

    [Open Assets] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    Future Sight Off = 1 tic of display latency, but some things (like wall collisions or certain slopes) will be visually smoother. Future Sight Full = 0 tics of display latency, but those same things may jitter or "jerk" a bit. Use Full unless you are having a specific visual problem, and if that...