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  1. SkittleDude60

    Half-Life Scientist Character Pack!

    SRB2 but the AI is self aware please tell me someone got that
  2. SkittleDude60

    Sempiternity Shores Zone

    With models on, those small lumps in the sand are those spring enemies from THZ. Maybe you should fix that?
  3. SkittleDude60

    Knuckles revamp discussion

    To me, I feel like knuckles needs the most revamp out of everyone, he's probably the least fun and least interesting character imo. Xmomentum by Frostiikin's minor change to knuckles's glide cancel really makes him a lot more fun. Also Knuckles's paths are not interesting and they're less fun...
  4. SkittleDude60

    [Open Assets] BotSkin - Pair up any 2 characters

    you need to actually put a character's name in there (ex. "botskin sonic")
  5. SkittleDude60

    Sash Lilac [v1.1c] (Freedom Planet)

    Having a lot of fun with this mod, I feel her energy and health might need to be nerfed, I never felt like I've run out of energy and she can tank a lot of hits so I don't see much killing her besides bottomless pits. Either way this is a super fun mod that can be used for a lot of cool tricks!
  6. SkittleDude60

    [Open Assets] Cacodemon

    An alright mod, had to get a bit used to my buttons set as custom1 and 2 for flying. I wish the plasma bullets broke walls though, but overall it's a good mod. Small nitpick, but I noticed shooting in first person mode, the plasma bullets shot a bit below the crossheir (I'm assuming so the shot...
  7. SkittleDude60


    I see, I was playing with the custom save data mod and I started playing with milne before i reached ACZ with any of my other files. Thanks for helping!
  8. SkittleDude60


    Ummm I got sonic my partner when trying to play as milne and fang???? IDK if this is a bug with your mod or SRB2 itself or some of the other mods im using but I wanna let you know [IMG]
  9. SkittleDude60


    I was having fun with this mod, put in some character mods along with it until I got wheelchair inazuma in egg rock 1 pain.