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  1. Sirexer

    [Open Assets] Conveyor For Rollout Rocks

    Sirexer submitted a new resource: Conveyor For Rollout Rocks - Conveyor support for Rollount Rocks Read more about this resource...
  2. Sirexer

    [Open Assets] Conveyor For Rollout Rocks 1.2

    This lua script, introduces conveyor support for Rollout rocks. Currently rollout rocks do not move on conveyors, so I made this. Concole command: cfrr_enable, stops/runs a lua script, default - On. You can also specify in the Level header whether lua should work on your map or not. Note: If...
  3. Sirexer

    SRB2 Rollout Knockout

    Rollspace uses MegaMan Star Force 3 - PVP Battle (VS. Battle). If you want to download music from the addon, download Slade and extract the music through the slide
  4. Sirexer

    Srb2 for mobile

    10 minute break after each lesson
  5. Sirexer

    recommend map pack, to play in singleplayer

    I will not recommend what has already been said above, so I will say what others have not said. What about chaos domain. It has four zones and a secret level. This pack has custom bosses, but only in two zones and good level design. Plays great with vanilla characters. There is also the...
  6. Sirexer

    Srb2 for mobile

    I'm looking forward to srb2kart for Android more and more, it would be fun to play during recess in college.
  7. Sirexer

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    I stole it
  8. Sirexer

    Are the WS BSS (Blue-Sphere Section) mods safe to host?

    I stick to the phrase “trust but verify.” I advise that if you download something from the Internet (no matter from which site) and want to use it, check this file for authenticity.
  9. Sirexer

    Are the WS BSS (Blue-Sphere Section) mods safe to host?

    The only addon in BSS that will get you banned is Shadow Plus. This addon edits the original file, which breaks the rules of Master server, and other mods are safe and my addons are safe and I host almost all of them on DreamUniverse .
  10. Sirexer

    Scarf The Wolf (legacy)

    I'm sorry to hurt you, but it's true
  11. Sirexer

    Scarf The Wolf (legacy)

    Scarf often asked Sonic1983 to make an inazuma portleg. After Sonic 1983 refused, he began to arrange a conflict with him. He managed to persuade Sonic1983 to make a portleg.
  12. Sirexer

    [Open Assets] Some MB Levels

    Mikhael didn't broke the rules of SRB2 MB. He was banned for submitting an asset with gimmicks again which was rejected because sonic1983 helped with lua scripting. Mikhael removed him in credits, sonic1983 agreed to this. I carefully read the rules and didn't find the point where it says that...
  13. Sirexer

    Green Hill Remake & Marble Zone Remake

    Epic! In the fourth screenshot, did you use Zoom Tube?
  14. Sirexer

    [Open Assets] Cosmetics

    Also this addon conflicts with Skip's flashlight. I think need to press two keys. For example custom 1 and custom 2
  15. Sirexer

    [Open Assets] Cosmetics

    Hello, it addon is beautiful for server like co-op and hangout, I would like to ask you, will you add @ for admins and nickname colors in the chat?
  16. Sirexer

    Dynamic lights.

    Why has dynamic light been removed? in srb2 1.09 there was dynamic light, and it didn't look bad. Will it possibly be added in new versions or is it possible to do it as a shader?
  17. Sirexer

    New Quiet South Island Zone!

    Of course, I have an idea for a new boss, but I need spriters and scripters for this, of course I can do it myself, but it will take a lot of time.