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  1. GSKeed

    Wes Weasely

    Hey, if you know 3D modeling, it'd be nice for Wes to be OpenGL-compatible too!
  2. GSKeed

    Wes Weasely

    GSKeed submitted a new resource: Wes Weasely - Custom SRB2 Kart character, Wes Weasely Read more about this resource...
  3. GSKeed

    Wes Weasely v1.0

    How are ya, how are ya, how are ya!? It’s me, your old friend and humble salesman extraordinaire, Wes Weasely! It’s been a while since the world has heard from me. You see, the suckers— er, ahem, esteemed customers, here on Mobius just aren’t biting like they used to. That’s when I heard that...