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  1. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    MotorRoach updated Junio Sonic with a new update entry: 1.3 update Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic - 1.3 update

    From v2.2.10 to v2.2.11, something broke and it made the visuals for the Bullet Dash completely broken. This has now been fixed. Thanks to katsy for this fix.
  3. MotorRoach

    Flare the Tyrannosaur 2.0

    Flare has no right being this fun to play as, what the hell
  4. MotorRoach

    YTP of SRB2 1.09.4 that may be lost media.

    Really sorry to say that the YTP is gone with my old YouTube account, and my hard drive crashed a few years ago, meaning I no longer have the video.
  5. MotorRoach

    About "portlegs" and the MS rules

    ...if a creator didn't state their work is up for use, then don't assume it's up for being used. It's as simple as that. This just sounds like it would needlessly complicate moderating unauthorized ports or not, because suddenly everyone would be allowed to make portlegs, and both members and...
  6. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Hornet from Daytona USA 1.0

    Hornet from Daytona USA is now playable in SRB2 Kart... just not in the way you'd expect. Hope you guys enjoy not being able to see where you're going. Thanks to: Jass for the "go away" voice sample along a few ripped Daytona sounds The Great Lange for providing model reference for Hornet...
  7. MotorRoach

    Toei Sonic 2.0

    In case you feel you didn't have enough pointy Sonics, here's one more for your collection of good spiky boys! Based on the Sonic CD cinematics by Toei Animation, Toei Sonic is now playable for SRB2 Kart in his own UFO kart using voice lines from the Sonic OVA. Art all drawn by TrippleJaz...
  8. MotorRoach

    H-srb2 1.0

    Yes, you read that title right. This has been a rather popular request amongst many members of the community throughout the years, so I finally decided to take in the deed myself and make it a reality. I hope this is what you all wanted. No in-game screenshots for obvious reasons.
  9. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Segata Sanshiro!! 1.0

    SEGATA SANSHIRO IS HERE TO PUNISH ANYONE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO NOT BE PLAYING SEGA SATURN He drives a literal Sega Saturn, because he would not dare to race with anything less.
  10. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Van Darkholme joins the club! 1.0

    ...hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. For anyone willing to enhance the Gachimuchi spanking racing experience, the Van Darkholme download comes packaged with a SFX replacement file! It doesn't changes the game too drastically, but it should be just enough to complement playing as...
  11. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic 1.3

    Supporters / CoAuthors HellHawkX Lach MotdSpork Tatsuru
  12. MotorRoach

    Flicky™ 1.1

    Supporters / CoAuthors HellHawkX Lach VAdaPEGA
  13. MotorRoach

    Bark the Polar Bear (Concept)

    Hey, this is a very promising concept, and it's really nice to see someone taking interest in making Bark! The sprites for him just kind of bother me a tad because they stray too far from how Bark's design looks, and also because of how overshaded the sprites look (SRB2 sprites benefit from...
  14. MotorRoach

    We need a Suggestion thread

    "Hello, guys. I'm someone oozing with skill and talent, on top of having too much free time! I'm dying to see if anyone out there has requests for me to tackle on an entire custom mod for SRB2! I'm especially excited to make characters that require 200 sprites minimum for each!" - Said no one ever
  15. MotorRoach

    Do you think Aerial Garden and Azure Temple are still salvageable?

    I honestly find it insulting that your reward for beating the game and then beating HHZ (which is an amazing level) is two levels that I see just about everyone disliking them. AGZ's level design still feels like a final demo level in a SRB2 version that tries to move away from that level design...
  16. MotorRoach

    Why can only Sonic and Metal turn super?

    The pattern I've noticed in super forms seem to mostly rely on going into a warm/bright color, if the character isn't one already. Characters who are already a warm color scheme just go brighter (Tails, Knuckles), and characters who are more of a cool color have their color turn into their warm...
  17. MotorRoach

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    I can confirm this used to be the case even long after your departure and within recent years. Mystic would die pretty much on any hill possible, no matter how minor something being proposed would be, and if I dared argue, it was incredibly easy to make him pull the "OH, so YOUR opinion matters...
  18. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Legacy Rafael (Rafael v2.5)

    Comments like this? Not cool. Don't undermine someone's effort, especially when they are just getting the hang of making mods.
  19. MotorRoach

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    So, turns out there was a bug that heavily affected online, in regards to the bullet dash aim. That has been fixed now, along with the funky 2D aim.
  20. MotorRoach

    var's project/script showcase (Part Two)

    Oh goodness me, I love all of these. I'm especially enthusiastic about that A2D showcase!