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  1. elfadorew

    What will the last version of srb2 be like

    Well I know it will be awesome but I'm not sure 3d models should be made mandatory because so many characters already made with sprites they can,t just make 3d models for all of them but do know that this game is so cool that is so cool it's not going to fade away for a very long time.
  2. elfadorew

    What will the last version of srb2 be like

    Hey guys elfadorew here so we've all been playing srb2 for a long time now and there's been so many updates on this game so I wonder what will be in the final version of srb2 because I have been playing this game since version 2.2.8 on my PC and curious so what do you guys think.
  3. elfadorew

    25 Years of SRB2

    Sorry for not commenting earlier but srb2 is a great game I can't believe its been 25years already I hope this game lasts forever
  4. elfadorew

    Bark the polar bear(WIP)

    Not bad but you can do better
  5. elfadorew

    Generations Classic Sonic (WIP)

    Maybe give him a sonic speed acceleration
  6. elfadorew

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    Finally sonic with all his cool abilities, awesome work.
  7. elfadorew

    What's your favorite game?

    my favourite game is srb2 ofcourse because it is the first 3d game i have ever played its just so awesome because it is an open game