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    White Sonic - i forgor

    i forgor
  2. W0CKY

    White Sonic

    W0CKY updated White Sonic with a new update entry: i forgor Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. W0CKY

    White Sonic

    W0CKY updated White Sonic with a new update entry: THE SAVES UPDATE Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. W0CKY

    White Sonic - THE SAVES UPDATE

    added saving system for floating fixed tails cant fly fixed abilities used when falling from floating
  5. W0CKY

    White Sonic

    W0CKY updated White Sonic with a new update entry: V2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. W0CKY

    White Sonic - V2

    - buffed spindash - added float ability from the sonic 1 hack
  7. W0CKY

    White Sonic V2.1a

    Hey! Remember those White Sonic in *sonic game* rom hacks? Yeah well i made that in srb2! Yeah pretty cool right? here let me show you his abilities HYPER DASH Yeah so i was looking at white sonic in s3k and since sonic 1 didn't have anything and saw he has the hyper dash as an ability...
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    White Sonic

    W0CKY submitted a new resource: White Sonic - White sonic in SRB2!! Read more about this resource...
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    SRB2 on Web Browser!

  10. W0CKY

    SRB2 on Web Browser!

    MfW ios users can get android VMs without jailbreak and use srb2 android
  11. W0CKY

    Sonic: Planetary Panic

    I don't know if I would actually be useful because Im not that experienced in lua But looking forward to playing it
  12. W0CKY

    Frustrating moments at SRB2

  13. W0CKY

    Srb2 Legends

    The mania hud isn't a part it's just in my autoexec file
  14. W0CKY

    Srb2 Legends

    OK SO This is my map pack named srb2 legends its not really about anything atm just kinda like a rough idea BUT i thought of some level names so lets go over them Hilltop Heights Zone Techno Caverns Zone Wood Zone Coral Realm Zone Frozen Falls Zone Space Queens Zone litterally only hhz is...
  15. W0CKY

    [Open Assets] Just another hud

    Hey guys welcome to my hud mod Uhh look at it Uhm Dear users of the Sonic the Hedgehog Robo Blast 2 Official Message board; I, Hiwin, kindly request that you download my addon "Justanotherhud-V1.pk3" and to play the video game "Sonic the Hedgehog Robo Blast 2" with said addon. update: i...
  16. W0CKY

    [Open Assets] Just a color pack

    hey guys welcome to my color pack thingy blahblablah lets get striaght to the colors 1.DISCORD This color is supposed to be in resemblance to discord as has its "Dark blurple" color. 2.VOID This one is supposed to be like the void wispon with its dark appearance. 3.HHHHHH ummm... H Is...
  17. W0CKY

    Sonic MVD (Multiversal Discovery)

    no i meant the levels in srb2tp and its only 80mb and also if you convert it to a pk3 there IS a method to edit the maps inside on the os
  18. W0CKY

    Sonic MVD (Multiversal Discovery)

    \mfw 400mb srb2 mod and its not even bigger than srb2 the past LOL imagine 1 gb
  19. W0CKY

    Sonic EXE V5 Revival Coder(s) Needed

    me when i say no to lua
  20. W0CKY

    Help With Compiling Srb2

    So I just set the md5 and double checked everything it's still using the md5 of player.dta