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  1. K_Nooby007

    Share your OCS here!

    Hello there, hope you're having a great time right now because I see really nice OCs here. Here are mines: Tiger the Raxololt is a breed beetween a racoon and an axololt with pyrokinesis. He's good at combat, is agile, confident and sometimes provocative. He really loves going at high speed...
  2. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars - Random taunts

    Red's flight dash is removed Purple's pain switch, Green's guitar and Yellow's cursor have cooldown The Stick-Chars perform a random taunt instead of spamming to make a specific one. Their taunt works like Pizza Tower except it ruins momentum.
  3. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry: Random taunts Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. K_Nooby007


    K_Nooby007 updated OKchars with a new update entry: New Characters, New Stuffs Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. K_Nooby007

    OKchars - New Characters, New Stuffs

    Here's the list of changes and additional stuff: Max learned double jump and replaced air drill. Max can carrry others. (showcase below the list) Max now glides with Spin in mid air Max now wears a red scarf and equips an arm canon. Max gets knocked back farther when damaged. Max has a new...
  6. K_Nooby007


    welp, there's no way to delete a thread I created...
  7. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    I didn't added them, they're kinda op with their flight, elemantal powers, vira blade, etc. That will just make the game so easy if you play as them. They can easily deal with any enemies and fly throught the whole level, so in my opinion I don't think that'd be a good idea to add them in srb2.
  8. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry: New abilities and changes Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars - New abilities and changes

    Imma just put a list of additional stuffs and the changes I've made: Everyone's normal speed and accelstart and acceleration have been set to default. Changed Red's put put sfx. Red's flying actionspd got buffed: 33 -> 38 Red's mindash got nerfed: 45 ->40 Red and Blue has a new running...
  10. K_Nooby007


    There was no sound, but alright then:
  11. K_Nooby007


    Hello, K_Nooby007 here. So a few days earlier I decided to make another addon named KN-Chars. KN is my short name. I only have a character for now and I'll need help of other people for : ideas of more characters, their abilities and design(s) sprites coding the characters' abilities So here's...
  12. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry: New Character Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars - New Character

    Hi, It's me again and today a new character original of mine appears. here's SILVAR Silvar can also taunt! This character isn't in the Stick Chars addon file, to download Silvar, click on the CL_Silvar_v1.0.pk3 Credits ManBuxz for the gunslinger code I hope you enjoy this second...
  14. K_Nooby007

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone, I'm K_Nooby007 (KN or KN007 for short). I'm 14 and I'm a decent gamer. I also love Pikachu (cuz he's cute). I was looking for cool 3D Sonic games, and there it is, SRB2. I started playing SRB2 last year, in 2022. I'm here to have fun and make addons so everyone could enjoy them...
  15. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry: Fixed SPNG's sprites and emotes available Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars - Fixed SPNG's sprites and taunts available

    If you noticed SPNGA's seemed a inconsistent (because in SPNGA3A7, they had long torso) :worry: Well, you don't have to bother yourself for that. Thanks to Dox the fox for the notice.^-^ Also, The Stick-Chars can now taunt :wow: (I know you don't see the taunt well) Share some of your...
  17. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    I see what you mean, I will fix those sprites
  18. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    Don't worry about him. He's already here, combine this addon and Jaybitts10's. Click here to get Orange.
  19. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    Normally, they do not have faces in Alan Becker's animations. I added faces for them to define their personalities. And also because Jay T has a face.
  20. K_Nooby007

    [Open Assets] Stick-Chars

    K_Nooby007 submitted a new resource: Stick-Chars - Aren't they Alan Becker's Stick Figures ?! Read more about this resource...