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  1. rocklight124

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    No not really...V5 has auto drifting with tight enough turns.
  2. rocklight124

    The Chaotix

    Not sure if is the right place for this, but Chaotix conflict with Super Mario Bros. They can't perform the dive anymore.
  3. rocklight124

    Classic-inspired Spindash

    As cool as this is; It's kinda of a problem on certain levels that require you to jump out of a spin dash...And sometimes it leads to your death.
  4. rocklight124

    BlueM's Random Junk

    I'm just gonna say you need to take a break bro...You have made a lot of mods lately, and I would love for you to take a break.
  5. rocklight124

    Tyson Hesse Sonic

    Still It's an amazing piece of work.
  6. rocklight124

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.4]

    Wow did not need to see that picture, but okay...
  7. rocklight124

    Movie Sonic Progress thread (cancelled)

    Yeah not gonna lie I've never liked how Sonic looked in the movie; which is messed up cuz Tails and Knux look awesome.
  8. rocklight124

    Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

    I gotta ask what does Spin smoothing do?
  9. rocklight124

    [Open Assets] Custom Dashmode

    Can a maximum speed be added like a speed cap? Because as of right now with the spindash paired with uncurl you can pick up some incredible speed without any cap. Also when pairing this with Shadow he is able to go much faster than I want him to when chaos snapping. I want him to go no faster...
  10. rocklight124

    Transformation Cancel

    This doesn't work in split screen.
  11. rocklight124

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    I partly agree, but I think the thok going is a given with momentum. Any changes that are needed to be made to the thok would not make it the thok anymore to be honest.
  12. rocklight124

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    Ar Agree to disagree... respectfully.
  13. rocklight124

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    I think Sonic being a default character is kinda something SRB2 needs to get away from mostly, because of the massive amount of platforming; and a thok is going to break the game IF they add momentum. I would love to get away from the thought that Sonic must be purely horizontal Speed. I...
  14. rocklight124

    Which Tails design is the best.

    Dreamcast Era...Hands down.
  15. rocklight124

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    The Thok doesn't really work in a momentum based game. It just gives you free speed (which is bad in some cases), but in this case the thok is a pretty bare bones ability. And I think that Sonic deserves an ability that lets him platform faster than most characters. I want him to play like he...
  16. rocklight124

    [Open Assets] Color selection for single player & a selection of colors

    Is there a way to change my bots color back to normal?
  17. rocklight124

    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    At this point SRB2 is becoming a sequence to it self. The game has changed so much over the years.
  18. rocklight124

    [Open Assets] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

    When in Splitscreen adding a bot causes P2 camera to go into manual mode instead of automatic.
  19. rocklight124

    [Open Assets] Sonic Adventure style HUD

    This seems to Break the Super Mario Bros. Power ups at least some of them example: Force Shield=Fire Flower, but with this added it doesn't do that anymore.
  20. rocklight124

    Movie Sonic Progress thread (cancelled)

    NANI!?!? I'm confused, are you being serious?