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    [Open Assets] Daytona Kart (Version 1.8)

    A slight bug with the Wario Land HUD: On the second frame of GO, the time left increases by 1 second, only for that extra second to be lost on the very next tic.
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    [Open Assets] HPMOD

    Okay so battle mode with HP is bugged (I'd say a "base game bug", as this has happened with other mods too), but it always considers the lowest player number as the winner regardless of which player number survives
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    [Open Assets] Everything is Terrible!!! A Map Hell Collection!!!

    Love being able to select any Map Hell with this pack. There is an issue with the waypoints and checkpoints in Lovely Afternoon, though:
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    [Open Assets] Frontrun (Custom gamemode)

    There is a bit of issue with the "Perfect Round System" - rounds sometimes end in a Perfect without the "Can Perfect" / "Go for Perfect" even appearing for the winning player at any point in the round (note that in normal cases, the "Can Perfect" still remains even after a round ends). And also...
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    [Open Assets] Daytona Kart (Version 1.8)

    Umm, something is up with the Wario Land HUD. When the player is currently placed outside the top 3 while using the HUD, it will end in "rd", as in "4rd", though it is supposed to end in "th", as in "4th".