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    Sonic Origins released. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you! Beat my previous record in Sonic 2 by 10 seconds...
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    Sonic Origins released. What are your thoughts?

    Although it's certainly not perfect, I've been enjoying it. Got the world record as Sonic in Boss Rush for Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
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    Post your pics/art here!

    Chrono Cross is one of my all time favorite games. I love the music, the story, and the atmosphere...I kind of dislike the combat/progression system though xD. Anywho, this wonderful arrangement was made by Zohar002 on Youtube, who seems to have disappeared long ago. His arrangement style is...
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    Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project

    Happy New Year everyone! Here's track 4 of the Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project - Looking Forward. The episode this song came from really resonates quite a bit with me. Steven is 'celebrating' the graduation of Little Homeschool's students. As the episode progresses, Steven finds that...
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    Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project

    Merry Christmas, and happy holidays everyone! Today's piano arrangement is the Steven Universe ending theme, Love Like You. I wasn't originally planning on making the video all Christmas-ee, but one thing led to another, and we are. This is definitely one of my favorite songs from...
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    Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project

    Track 2 is complete! This one is Ruby Rider. For Ruby Rider, I really wanted to capture all the emotions that Ruby goes through in the episode, from joy, to adventure, to sorrow. I went in a slightly different order could say that I started two episodes earlier after their fight! I...
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    Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project

    Steven Universe Summer Night Piano Project This is not exactly Sonic related, but I thought some of you guys might enjoy this! About one year ago, I posted a drawing I made of my home in Japan drawn in the Steven Universe style. After looking at it for a while, I wanted it to feel more full of...
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    Post your pics/art here!

    Recorded a new piano arrangement! This one a beautifully moving piece from Chrono Trigger called "Wind Scene", it gets pretty crazy about halfway through 🤣. It was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (光田康典) who is my favorite composer of all time. He excels at writing unforgettable melodies that convey...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog - Piano Collections

    Sonic the Hedgehog Piano Collections ---------------------------------------------------------------- What is the Piano Collections project? I've loved Sonic the Hedgehog and its music ever since I was kid. For 5 years, Sonic 2 was the only game I owned, and one of the only games I've ever...
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    Post your original musical compositions!

    I thought that this was specific and far enough away from a general art thread that it might be all right to create a separate thread for this. Only original musical compositions here! 01. Title Theme - Morning's End This is supposed to be the opening theme to an RPG. Piano was a live...
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    Ultimate's SRB2 OST Remake (UPDATE - Title Theme and remade Opening Animation!!)

    Ultimate's SRB2 OST Remake Contents SRB2 OST Remake ------------------------- The point of this OST Remake is to reimagine the SRB2 songs in a way that more closely reflects the catchy, poppy tunes on the original Genesis/Megadrive. That said, these tracks aren't exactly in the Genesis style...
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    Ultimate's SRB2 Music: Green Flower Act 1

    UPDATE: Green Flower Act 1 Remake Pack This pack includes loopable mp3s and oggs of both the digital version and the MIDI synth version. ------------------------------------------------------------ So, I'm still really bad at digital music, especially mixing and mastering, but hopefully the...
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    Reddit Led Me Back to SRB2!

    I've been playing Doom 4 on the PS4 and decided to check out the subreddit for it, in case there was anything interesting. Clicked on a thread asking what the best Doom mods were, and was expecting custom maps for the PS4 Doom...nope. Number one was SRB2. It was just a little neat moment for me...
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    F. Sonic

    I guess you could think of like how Super Sonic's spindash was slower than running in Sonic 2.
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    Boss rush mode! (Egg Gauntlet)

    All right, now someone has to make a Parry LUA.
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    Dark Souls 3

    Anyone playing this? So far, I've been having a lot of fun. It seems to be quite a bit faster paced than Dark Souls 2, but still slower than Bloodborne. The weapon system is fairly deep, and there are a whole bunch of great options to choose from. My current weapon of choice is the trusty...
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    I thought of the most ridiculous stage for this. Terrible design. Terribly fun. - Giant death pit - Many of these casino bumpers - Bumpers are spread out both vertically and horizontally - Spheres in between the bumpers - Try not to die
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    Hm...going off Blaze's post...just a quick idea for multiplayer. - Capture the spheres - Spheres start out grey - If Blue team touches the spheres they turn blue. - If red team touches them, they turn red - Time limit - Team with most of their color spheres wins at the end? Etc.
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    [Open Assets] Knuckles

    Ha, I actually thought the same, so you're not alone in your derp. Also, MotorRoach, I think the spring launch frame is my favorite so far. The shading and lighting angle you used look absolutely beautiful.
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    Shinobi 3DS

    Shinobi 3DS is the newest game in Sega's Shinobi franchise. Perhaps the most popular were the Genesis' Revenge of Shinobi, and Shinobi III. For this 3DS release, a third party studio requested to make the game, and Sega agreed. The game was met with fairly poor reception, receiving a 69 on...