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  1. Curedleaves

    WDYT Of June?

    It's one of those months where I like having a lot of free time, but hate having nothing to do.
  2. Curedleaves

    What is your favorite Sonic Fan Game (you can record that)

    Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited
  3. Curedleaves

    What's the dumbest rule in your school?

    I think it may have been the no baseball cap rule because people could "hide drugs under it," a few weeks after I got caught wearing one, we were suddenly allowed to wear them again.
  4. Curedleaves

    How is School going? (Only if you go there!)

    It's going pretty good.
  5. Curedleaves

    Favorite music from a sonic game

    Tidal Tempest Present from Sonic CD (USA)
  6. Curedleaves

    Name your first game!

    The earliest game I can remember by name is Mario Kart Wii.
  7. Curedleaves

    What is your favorite pizza flavor and why

    Pizza Hut's Original Stuffed Crust!
  8. Curedleaves

    What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

    Some later version of 2.1.
  9. Curedleaves

    most irritating moment in srb2?

    When the game crashes with no error report.
  10. Curedleaves

    Welcome back!

    I've been watching that Dodgers game on Wednesday.
  11. Curedleaves

    Japanese or American soundtrack : a question for Sonic CD fans

    I dig the American soundtrack more, especially Tidal Tempest's smooth track.
  12. Curedleaves

    Your favorite Cereal!

    Oreo O's
  13. Curedleaves

    Favourite song from SRB2?

    Frozen Hillside Zone for usage of the Roland TR-808 (either that or a clone/emulation of it).
  14. Curedleaves

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    It's a cropped SRB2 screenshot. The speech bubble comes from the album Schoolly D. I forgot I posted 2 other messages in this thread lol.
  15. Curedleaves

    How did you found sonic?

    I had Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS.
  16. Curedleaves

    What's your favorite SRB2MB style?

    New Ocean because of the Volcanic Blood look.
  17. Curedleaves

    Introduce Yourself!

    Yo, I'm Weekblues. I'm a 14 y/o from Virginia, United States who wears baseball caps. I sometimes play SRB2. Some of my slang is influenced by the Hip-Hop and Miami Bass songs I listen to.
  18. Curedleaves

    Favorite Sonic Game?

    Sonic CD and Sonic R.