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Spazzo 07-28-2009 02:30 AM

Official Time Attack Records (Pre-2.0.5)
Hey guys, let's see the best possible times we can get in the SP quest! Send me your best times with proof of validity, and I'll update this topic with the best times. I'll even include NAGZ and BMZ2 for completion.

To make life easier for you guys, here is how you can record a demo in SP:

-record demoname -warp ##

NOTE: "Validity" constitutes either a recorded demo or a video, which is sent to me. A screenshot is optional when included with a demo/video, but it will NOT be accepted on its own. Oh, and no custom characters, please. STK only.

...what are you waiting for? SUBMIT YOUR TIMES!

EDIT: for all of those submitting times, I would greatly appreciate it if you used the hi-resolution timer. Thanks!

Prime 2.0 07-28-2009 02:31 AM

THZ1: 39.85 seconds as Sonic
ERZ3: 26.88 seconds as Tails

EDIT: Updated with THZ1 time

Kaysakado 07-28-2009 02:43 AM

You're actually counting Blue MOuntain Zone?

inb4 onslaught of people getting within 10 centisecond of eachother

glaber 07-28-2009 02:55 AM

How do we even get to BMZ?

Edit: Screw BMZ, They hardly even started making the Level.

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:03 AM

Figure it out yourself.

Autosaver 07-28-2009 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by glaber
How do we even get to BMZ?


I have some times, but they weren't speed runs. They were just adventure.
I'll send them later.

Also users who are just posting random times/OMG FAKE times read the note.


NOTE: "Validity" constitutes either a recorded demo or a video, which
is sent to me. A screenshot is optional when included with a demo/video, but it will NOT be accepted on its own
Have fun everyone ^_^

Ezer.Arch 07-28-2009 03:22 AM

Why I feel so attempted to participate in this?!!! @.@'


Cyan Ryan 07-28-2009 03:25 AM

What exactly DOES drill.dta do?

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:27 AM

It's not specifically drill.dta, just any resource from SRB2 needs to be added. This is so that ISGAMEMODIFIED returns true, and you are able to -warp to whatever map you please. I used drill.dta as an example.

Autosaver 07-28-2009 03:38 AM

Wait, doesn't the record demo have bad quality/GIANT file size?

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:40 AM

No, recording lmp demo's are...perfect speed, perfect quality, and mere kilobytes in size. These aren't videos, they're SRB2 movement recordings.

Mystic 07-28-2009 03:41 AM

However, they DO have a tendency to desync currently, so if you guys can figure out why that would be really appreciated.

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:42 AM

Only on boss stages, I believe.

Either way, videos (IE: youtube) are still acceptable, if that's easier.

Mystic 07-28-2009 03:43 AM

Nah, I've seen it desync in ERZ2 as well.

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:46 AM

Oh, really? There could be many factors related to that...I'll have to look into that.

glaber 07-28-2009 03:49 AM

For videos, will you accept Youtube?

Edit: I need to learn to read more.

Spazzo 07-28-2009 03:50 AM

Yes, I do believe I just said that.

glaber 07-28-2009 04:27 AM

GFZ 1 Sonic 16:45 Seconds

Solo 07-28-2009 04:50 AM

I'm not really sure how you enter your time, so I sent you a personal message, Spazzo. Should I have just posted it here?

ST218 07-28-2009 05:31 AM

Egg Rock 2 in 5:58, as Tails

It can be done a lot better. I had a time of 5:45 earlier, but I died and thus the demo desynched. Also, a lot of mistakes were made, and precision in general could be used. That said, I fully believe the route is as good as it'll get-go and beat this, people with better framerate.

Cyan Ryan 07-28-2009 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by Spazzo
Act 1:
OVERALL: - 01:22.60 by MatW_CFI (Sonic)
S: - 01:22.60 by MatW_CFI

who's MatW_CFI?

K.S. 07-28-2009 05:50 AM

RAWR, Special Stage 7 in 40.22.

Am I insane yet?

glaber 07-28-2009 06:01 AM

Yes, yes you are.

dominicapopo 07-28-2009 06:51 AM

Um... This may sound n00bish, but what command do you use to watch a recording you've downloaded?

Cyan Ryan 07-28-2009 07:15 AM

playdemo <filename>

Fawfulfan 07-28-2009 12:24 PM

00:21:80 on GFZ1.

glaber 07-28-2009 02:12 PM

If that's with Sonic, I already got that beat

Sonict 07-28-2009 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by fawfulfan
00:21:80 on GFZ1.

That's nice and all but where is your proof?

fickleheart 07-28-2009 02:57 PM

GFZ2 as Tails, 40.57 seconds.

Has some me getting killed by Eggman at the end of it because I didn't know how to stop the recording.

Fawfulfan 07-28-2009 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by Sonict

Originally Posted by fawfulfan
00:21:80 on GFZ1.

That's nice and all but where is your proof?

Sorry, didn't read the part where you offer proof.

I won't officially submit that record. Other people seem to have beaten it anyway.

BrennenTehAwsumz 07-28-2009 04:33 PM

Question, how do I record my video?

Varren 07-28-2009 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by BrennenTehAwsumz
Question, how do I record my video?

Open the Srb2 Launcher and in the Manual Parameters box type -record filenamehere then run the game.

Solo 07-28-2009 05:39 PM

I guess I should just post the time, then. I did 0.12.82 on GFZ1 as Sonic. Proof:

Chrome 07-29-2009 02:34 AM

ERZ1 1:46 Knuckles.

I don't know how to add the milliseconds to my timer, could some one tell me how?

Solo 07-29-2009 02:35 AM

The only way I know of enabling milliseconds in the timer, is to play on time attack mode.

K.S. 07-29-2009 03:12 AM


Bigboi 07-30-2009 12:47 AM

So Blue Mountain is Red Volcano's Act 2?


Akuma TH 07-30-2009 12:48 AM

My fastest in GreenFlower Act 1 is 16 seconds. I'll get a picture in time attack.

Kaysakado 07-30-2009 12:54 AM

Can we have the SRB1 levels, Mario, and NiGHTS added?

Akuma TH 07-30-2009 12:58 AM
Arghhhhh, I screwed up and got hurt. I'll try again later.

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