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FelipeO_O 01-12-2019 04:15 AM

convertpk3: wad to pk3 converter tool (v1.0.0)
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convertpk3 is a command line utility to convert a wad file to pk3 file format.

convertpk3<wadfile> <pk3file> [compression method] [compression level]

wadfile: The wad which you want to convert
pk3file: The pk3 file name to save.

[compression method]: Which compression method to choose. (default: deflate)
The following are the valid compression methods:
store (No compression)

WARNING: If you going choose lzf, it is preferable to make a backup of your wad since zip archivers and wad editors cannot open it.

[compression level]: this is Deflate-only, it specifies the compression level to choose. (default: best)
The valid words are:
best (maximum compression)
fast (Faster compression)
stored (no compression)

converting a wad file to pk3 using deflate compression wth fast compression:
convertpk3 test.wad test.pk3 deflate fast

D00D64 03-22-2019 09:05 AM

After taking an obscene amount of time to get this one properly tested, it's finally in releases. The main benefit here is the lzf compression, which as far as I know, wad2pk3 still cannot do.

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