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Naga 02-10-2007 09:28 PM

Ever had the problem of people attacking you while typing because they don't know that you are?

Make an icon appear above the player's head while you're typing. It could be like this:

Can we please change the colour of the crosshair used? It'd be nice.

Chaos 02-10-2007 10:46 PM

I have an idea for a Red Valcano boss:

There are eight platforms in a circle, and four on the outside. There is lava that rises so you have to go to the other four. Kinda like the match level with the rising acid in the older version, but circular and smaller.

-Those spinning turrets.

-A way to make "sand waves" or other things like it. The kind that push you back like in STH (360 one)

-Underwater enemies, not just surface ones. :/

-Enemies that crawl on walls and ceilings.

-Shuffle's anti-gravity if it is ever finished.

-An enemy that moves back and forth, and shoots bullets about every 15 tics. (?)

I'll Begin 02-11-2007 08:55 AM

More nooby S_SKIN option requests:

Bounce/Body Slam ability. Multiability allows you to do it repeatedly. Action Speed affects how fast you fall, while Jump Height affects how high you bounce back up (1.25 times your Jump Height on first bounce, 1.5 times your Jump Height on further bounces). This ability is also affected by gravity. Also have the option to have Special Ability Frames are used on the way down, while Spin Frames (Spring Frames if NOJUMPSPIN is on) after you bounce, or to use Spin Frames all the time.

SA flight as either a seperate ability, or the result of Fly/Swim with Homing on.

Option to place another ability for the Spin button while in the air. This way Sonic can have the Bounce Attack in SA Mode, plus any characters based of Sonic Heroes can have both of their air attacks. This may not be a good idea though, as it would cause problems when you have an Armageddon/Whirlwind Sheild, or when you have Fly/Swim or Swim as your character's ability (pressing Spin makes you fall faster, you won't be able to do that if you add another ability to it). The seperate ability can also have it's own Action Speed and duration.

BlazingPhoenix 02-11-2007 06:01 PM

A linedef executor that checks how many emeralds the player has? Something like this could be perfect for making player stories.

glaber 02-12-2007 07:31 AM

A Linedef that checks for how many embelems you have. The abilty to have more than one emblem per-level per-charactor (If not avaible already). ex: Sonic has 10 emblems in a stage.

BlueZero4 02-12-2007 05:28 PM

With custom exits, a way to send players to a different map based on emblems like how there already is possible with emeralds and "block all monsters".

A classic mode (in the same way we have mario or SA) where you skid, spin turns into a duck, and you must press jump repeatedly to spin faster.

Zkoopa 02-12-2007 09:57 PM

Maybe a lock-on feature in Match Mode? You press a button and you lock on to your nearest oppenent and the camera centers around them and you automatically strafe while locked on?

ST218 02-12-2007 09:59 PM

Team based Things. For example, a turret that only fires at the opposing team, rings that can only be picked up by a certain team, etc.

Smash The Echidna 02-13-2007 12:17 AM

If these weren't already suggested, I have a few suggestions here.

1. Sprites for ring throwing. It makes ring throwing a bit more intresting instead of just rings flying out of the character. (Especially looks weird when the character is standing still.)

2. A little more room for your name when your setting up your character. If you can't do that, thats fine.

3. Ok, I cant' remember this one, but it was a good one. Once I remember, I'll post back here.

Chaos 02-13-2007 04:23 PM

-The ability to change the picture you see when the game loads or connects to a server. To have it be Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles.

-The flame sheild should last longer in easy mode, and lasts for a shorter time in harder modes.

-The ability to pick up Koopa Shells.

-Koopa Shells should kill enemies and hurt other players, along with hitting blocks and yourself.

-More team colors in CTF.

-The walls springs that were created.

Chaos 02-13-2007 08:32 PM

The game should at least give you clues about how you find out the Red XVI secrets. Maybe after beating ultimate?

Penopat 02-14-2007 05:20 AM

S_SKIN attribute that allows the usuage of abilities(double jump) whence you still have the flag in CTF. Also, make the max of jumpheight more than 100.

Also needs more secrets. Like, the obscure ones that are big yet you will never find.

Jurai_Madman 02-15-2007 12:06 AM

There should be a kill combo multiplier like in Einhander. When you hit say, 3 enemies in a row, you have a 2x multiplier, hit 6, and you have a 4x multiplier, and so on. This should last until you get hit, pick up a multiplier reset monitor, or go Super Form.

Chaos 02-15-2007 02:21 AM

If enemies shoot homing, rail, or bomb rings, they should act like they do when players shoot them.

Segmentium 02-16-2007 12:18 AM

You know how pressing spin while flying with Tails makes you decend?


Spin + Sonic while thokking = Pause in mid air, and fall down (that would be pretty useful)

Spin + Tails while flying = already done.

Spin + Knuckles while climbing = Fall off the wall

I dunno, I was just thinking about it.

Boinciel 02-16-2007 03:31 AM

Multi-part bosses. For example, the arms are attached to the body, but are completely separate Things and can do independent actions. The arms can rotate without creating 64 completely new sprites for the whole boss.

Boinciel 02-17-2007 01:17 AM

When one person falls out of a Special Stage in Co-op mode, the time simply decreases by 10 and they (And not everyone else) are kicked out of the Special Stage. This is to prevent unfair stage ends due to someone with C-lag.

A proper Sound Test menu so you don't have to type TUNES ____ in the console. Possibly unlockable, and if you haven't unlocked it yet the TUNES command will give you the ever-welcomed "You haven't earned this yet."

on Edge 02-17-2007 06:09 AM

New abilities like:

SSB jump/tripple jump. Jump heighth goes as follows: 3rd jump>1st jump(96 or 100 frac)>2nd jump

Rampage Jump: Double Jump and Climb combo.

Custom robo shining fighter thrust: 2 short/momentary/split-second bursts of ability speed, releasing char at normspeed. The boosts must not be forced to be used together, and can move in any direction freely like thok-in-analog, but in any direction even in analog-off.

Custom robo metal grappler trust: like above but only once per jump and longer time in ability speed.

Lightning sky model thrust: like glide but forced amount of time in air thrusting whether tapped or held. New air controll like TrueSRB2(NiGHTS)SuperSonic exept on a horizontal plane not vertical.

Arieal beauty thrust: 2 mid air jumps, that propell upward at abilityspeed, and slightly slow horizontal speed.

Thrust factor = 0 slow movement(not none), extreme controll both in air and ground, and shooting rings slows you down.

Chaos 02-17-2007 06:13 AM

The special Zones (Special Stages, unlockables) in Time Attack.

akirahedgehog 02-17-2007 03:50 PM

High Res Textures for OpenGL

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