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Katmint 12-28-2019 11:46 PM

Lua cannot access MFE_TOUCHLAVA
I've provided a sample script that's intended to kill the player when touching lava to ensure the fault is not on my end.

addHook("MobjThinker", function(lava)
    if (lava.player)
    and ( & MFE_TOUCHLAVA)
        P_KillMobj(lava, lava, lava)

If you change MFE_TOUCHLAVA to MFE_TOUCHWATER in the above script, it will kill the player on water contact. Currently it will error on map load since MFE_TOUCHLAVA is nil.

Monster Iestyn 12-30-2019 11:42 AM

It turns out that MFE_TOUCHLAVA being missing from the list of recognised MFE_ flags also resulted in MFE_PUSHED, MFE_SPRUNG and MFE_APPLYPMOMZ getting the wrong values in SOC/Lua. In addition, MFE_TRACERANGLE was also missing from the list.

A fix has been made for all of these bugs for 2.2.1.

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