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    [Reusable] Steam Library icons for SRB2 v2.2

    Steam Library icons for version 2.2 of SRB2 This submission/"add-on" is not for use in SRB2, but is instead for use about SRB2, in Steam. It's possible to add Sonic Robo Blast 2 to one's Steam Library as a "non-Steam" game, allowing the game to be launched through Steam and thusly have...
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    [Android] "Scale Divider" resets on game reboot

    Using v2.2.8 of the official Android port, the "Scale Divider" setting ("nativeresdiv" convar, cv_nativeresdiv internal source code name) gets reset to the default value of 3.0 whenever the game is rebooted. This setting controls the game resolution if "Use Native Resolution" ("nativeres") is...
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    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    The format is incorrect. In your screenshot, SLADE lists their format as "Graphic (Doom)", which is for sprites, textures, HUD stuff, et cetera. Flats should be of the "Graphic (Flat)" type (which only works with certain specific image sizes, usually being power-of-two sized with equal width and...
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    [Reusable] The Mario Kart 64 Cast

    For SRB2Kart, a mobj's "eflags" variable can take flags named "MFE_DRAWONLYFORP1" through "DRAWONLYFORP4", which is for per-splitscreen-viewpoint visibility. While hackish, you could have up to 4 mobjs per player that uses these skins, with each of them only visible to a single local view, and...
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    [Reusable] SSNMighty (Monster Iestyn Mighty) [v2.2.2]

    What about vanilla SRB2's shield abilities?
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    Pyre Fly's flames appear on top of nearby walls

    If a Pyre Fly makes a fire aura around itself while near a wall or a pillar, it can create fire inside of the wall/pillar. The fire will then automatically adjust itself to appear on top of the wall/pillar to avoid being out of bounds, even if this causes the fire to appear much higher up than...
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    "Complete game" unlockables don't unlock if you force yourself out of the credits

    "Complete game" unlockables don't unlock if you force yourself out of the credits Having deleted my save data to start fresh on SRB2 today, I beat the game in v2.2.2, reached the credits, was unable to skip the credits using jump, spin, pause, Escape, et cetera, and resorted to using the...
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    fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to

    Not in vanilla SRB2, and I'm not familiar enough with this mod to say that this mod does or doesn't provide an option for that. While it's not the same as L2 (nor R2), I would suggest using R3 (clicking the right stick) (or Triangle or such) for "Center View" instead, so that you can still have...
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    NiGHTS rolling is wrong from behind

    In NiGHTS mode, the game uses automatic "sprite rolling" to rotate the players to make them point up or down while flying around. But this sprite rolling is relative to the view, so if NiGHTS players are viewed from behind (not possible outside multiplayer), their sprite will be rolled the wrong...
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    [Reusable] Legacy Hinote

    For what it's worth, the same happens with vanilla SRB2's Whirlwind Shield's double jump ability. This is due to the "platform Z movement" being taken into account on all jumps (including double jumps), but not being reset to 0 when jumping/in the air. I think that it's fixed for SRB2 v2.2.1...
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    [Reusable] Chat Command [Universally works]

    Probably not. The official "Filename Conventions [...]" thread currently doesn't mention an "X" prefix, and all other SRB2-compatible mods already use "V" while all other SRB2 Kart-compatible mods already use "K". Removing both of those for this mod in favour of some "mixed" letter would just...
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    MTF_EXTRA is not defined in dehacked.c

    For whatever reason, the first MAPTHINGFLAG_LIST value in v2.2.0's src/dehacked.c is NULL, not "EXTRA". Source: [Link] This means that MTF_EXTRA is unavailable for use in Lua stuff. I'm not sure if changing that to say "EXTRA" instead of NULL is the only thing that needs to be done in...
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    Spike sprites are 1 pixel off-centre

    The "srb2.pk3/Sprites/Hazards/Spikes/USPKA0" sprite's mid-point is 1 pixel to the left of the centre in v2.2.0. The same might also apply to the USPKELER and USPKFLFR sprites, as they have 3 pixels to the left of the mid-point yet 5 pixels to the right of it, but that might be a bit more...
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    Knuckles can climb on non-thok barrier skybox walls

    There are some areas in the vanilla SRB2 campaign where there's a point that the upper wall turns into a skybox wall, while the player can still walk underneath and it's not a thok barrier. Apparently, Knuckles can climb on the skybox part of those walls. While climbing from the visible wall up...
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    fickle's camera mod that she refuses to give a good name to

    L2/R2 (and both sticks' movements) are axes, not buttons. Instead of "Control Configuration", go to "Gamepad Options", and then there are "Move ↕", "Move ↔", "Camera ↕", "Camera ↔", "Jump", "Spin", "Fire", and "Fire Normal" axes that you can set up. ("Fire" and "Fire Normal" are for throwing...