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    Sonic Gather Battle being a malware

    So, if you've entered reddit or some other sonic related sites recently, you may have heard that Sonic Gather Battle, that is a kind of cool fan game, was exposed as a malware/trojan for having shady stuff and a DRM hidden inside of the game, that was in fact, kinda creepy as also intrusive...
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    F. Sonic

    F stands for Fantastic in my opinion Even if it is a simple wad, the work looks so smooth and great I love the level of detail at these sprites, i'm happy that this was choosen to replace the Old Sonic sprite for 2.2 (Even if i really enjoy the current one) The only think that bugs me out is...
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    Mister Nutty?

    I was going to update my signature, when all of sudden MB site design changed completely to Black And Orange with full of strips, and the VBulletin logo turned into a penguin with the name VBulletin replaced by Mister Nutty, like it was a completely different site/forum, did MB changed this only...
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    What makes good SRB2 level design for you?

    As we all know, 2.2 is not that far from us, and seeing how much it's going to add to the game, This inspired me to start making maps for it, but making levels is way harder than it should be, aside from the complexity of the builder. But anyways Does anyone have some tips to get me started...
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    Issues Hosting A Server

    So, I've been trying to set up and server quite a few times around, but for some reason, i really can't host the server. I've followed every step at SRB2 wikia, Even downloaded port forwarding program, and even tried to look up the MB and Reddit in hope of something that could help me figure out...
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    HMS123311: Remastered

    HMS is the only good SRB2 character Any other character needs to be banned from MB and SRB2 and replace everything with HMS which is the true original character and the creator of the universe Now talking seriously, this is a pretty good port, i've really missed that one character, despite...
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    Ever wanted to play SRB2 as a cube? No? Oh, well now you can! (Cube.wad)

    Despite this being a joke i guess There's effort put in there, and it's really funny to see a Cube rolling around at the speed of sound while chasing a bald fat guy Congratulations with the WAD!
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    Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3]

    This is so fun to play with It's pretty incredible how you're the first one to nail Silver's abilities at SRB2 This is an awesome WAD, i really hope i get to see more of you.
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    Dirk The Husky

    If i could describe this WAD in a single word It would be Amazing. This is such an creative and fresh character to play as, the sprites, the character itself and the visuals are so great to look at, the abilities are so fun to use and play around with I loved the Ice abilities, they're pretty...