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    Yeah, unfortunately these types of conflicts are sort of inevitable if two addons need to control a HUD element. I don't want to make a habit of kludging around for interop, but since this is a really easy case to identify (k_eggmanexplode between 4 and 5 seconds) I'll probably fix it on my end...
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    [Reusable] FRIENDMOD

    No interest at the moment. Try Snu's TSR.
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    The longer you can hear someone's horn, the quieter it gets. It starts as a relatively subtle effect, mostly just reducing the raw power of noise walls, but becomes pretty obvious if someone is actually trying to be disruptive.
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    Juicebox - Cherry

    This update includes some small but impactful changes to recovery mechanics, adds some extra features for servers that frequently change gametype, and squashes a few bugs that are dumber than any of the ones I fixed last update. Gameplay Changes While holding BRAKE, ACCEL inputs no longer...
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    Juicebox - Blackberry

    Bugfix and QoL/accessibility update. No gameplay changes (yet). Features Added jb_reducemotion, a local cvar which disables gate screenshake when On. Thanks to GameKyuubi for the feedback. Juicebox now generates a config in luafiles/juicebox.cfg, and will load it if it's present—like other...
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    Juicebox - Apricot

    This is a bugfix release with no gameplay changes. Thanks to everyone participating in day 1 netgames, and special thanks to all hosts giving this thing a try. Fixed a possible syncfail when a player finished their first round after joining mid-race Fixed an error when a player...
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    Juicebox Cherry

    This addon is under active development. Check the History tab for version history, and the Updates tab for changelogs! uD3yoLYwsD8 Requires Lat's KartMP. Juicebox is a far-reaching, highly opinionated gameplay mod, aimed at reducing common frustrations and keeping players in close...
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    This is a complete rewrite of the addon, since it was the first script I'd ever written for this game and was actually kind of a disaster mess internally. 100+ new horns. Significantly better performance. Low-end rigs should struggle less on populated (and loud) servers. Minor visual tweaks...
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    [Reusable] HOSTMOD

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    [Reusable] HOSTMOD - v15

    Small release. ministats is a new player-facing command that displays a compact FPS/ping/delay-in-tics display. Some internal autoaccel changes for compatibility with the upcoming Juicebox. (You definitely didn't see me accidentally upload HORNMOD stuff here.)