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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 & 3 Quarters: Public Announcement

    Hello there! It's about time publicly announce the new SRB2 mod I have been working on since early February, and also how far I've gotten into it. (I have announced this on Discord). It's inspired by beloved shitpost mods, like Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff The Movie, Panic, Sonic Dumbventure, and...
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    How did you get your Username...

    I just thought of something stupid
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    Senic thinks that this is fucking uncool 1618241192 You avoided releases, where you should have posted this.
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    TKD's Loot Ring Monitor

    Thanks! I'll make a test map.
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    TKD's Loot Ring Monitor

    thekingdudidly submitted a new resource: TKD's Loot Ring Monitor - A simple mod with a simple monitor Read more about this resource...
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    TKD's Loot Ring Monitor V2

    Have you ever missed the old 25 ring monitor from earlier SRB2 versions? Well, introducing the Loot Ring monitor! ....Yeah, not that much to it other then that, but it can work with legacy styled maps!