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    Roblox name?

    Name: GODDDGUUUYYYY Display Name: NoobImproved
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    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    Sonic adventure 1 and 2
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    The lost sonic 2 port that nobody ever heard.

    it looks like its crash or dash, but its most likely to be crash. 1642551188 i correct my answer, its more likely to be dash since the background color is a darker shade of blue.
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    The lost sonic 2 port that nobody ever heard.

    then do you remember the name?
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    The lost sonic 2 port that nobody ever heard.

    are you talking about Sonic 2 Crash & Dash? 1642418620 i think you only had the first part. The second part is a seperate game
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    Old Addons Thread

    No, it only works in 2.1
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    Favorite Sonic OST's?

    Classic: Sonic CD, Sonic Mania Modern: Sonic Colors, Sonic Forces, Sonic 06
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    For me its probably gonna be SRB3. I guess the plot is that Eggy took over the whole planet and sonic and friends must stop him.
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    hey, veterans, what was the first model(s) you saw for srb2?

    I joined srb2 in 2.2.9, so the first models i had were Jecks Models.
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    Fangame inspired by SRB2's thok! - Looking for feedback

    Its a Cool game with a cool gimmik! moving could use an upgrade tho. oh and maybe a move to charge it in air?
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    A Thread for Newcomers to SRB2/MB

    Hi! if your a newcomer, then welcome to the SRB2 Community! this thread is for the newcomers who want to ask questions for SRB2/MB. And if your a SRB2 Expert then you can help newcomers by asking their questions!
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    Modern Sonic V5.12

    oh and Sonic 4 1641182896 Sonic in the Sonicverse Adventure Sonic
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    Modern Sonic V5.12

    hope in v6 they have a spindash
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    Opinion: Sonic 4 is a good game.

    sonic 4's mobile control is very hard to control. especially since the move controls are a joystick.