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    "MobjMoveBlocked" hook problem.

    Okay, thanks for reminding me about that.
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    "MobjMoveBlocked" hook problem.

    Okay, thanks, it's working properly now. Though, the code will be a secret.
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    "MobjMoveBlocked" hook problem.

    So removing that will do the trick, then? Well, let me try it later and I'll tell ya the results.
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    Whats your Favorite Sonic Rom Hack?

    - Luigi in Sonic 1. This has all of his physics and his green missile attack in Smash. - Amy in Sonic 1, 2 and 3. (As 3 separate ROM hacks). I dunno, I just really like playing her moveset. * I play the above two ROM hacks a lot because I, myself am a pretty huge fan of those two characters. -...
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    "MobjMoveBlocked" hook problem.

    It seems that every time I use the "MobjMoveBlocked", whatever the code in the hook looks like, it always does this: Apparently, it seems to have removed the pushing function and keep the player's speed and acceleration. How do I make it... not do that...?
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    the god works in progress!

    Okay, seriously, with what, dude?
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    We're on Act 92 now, people!
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    I'm not talking about you, rather the guy you replied to.
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    I think he's joking?
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    It'd better not be by spamming though, we kinda got caught twice.
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    Why there is no loop physics in SRB2?

    Simple. Not only is it hard to make a proper code for loops to works, it's even more tedious to make more sprites to go along with it, making the game much more boring to make a mod of. And in case you don't know what I mean, here's an image I got from another post about loops:
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    [Reusable] Velvet Valley

    Thanks, this level makes me hate bees even more now. 👌 Otherwise, this is quite a great level with lots of things to do, and see, like collecting the Chaos Emeralds as well as getting jumpscared by some Badniks. Seriously, they gave me a lot of heart attacks.
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    ZSonic (W.I.P.)

    Then you're probably gonna need new sprites to go along with this. And if you want to learn lua, you can always go to the SRB2 wiki page.
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    Super Mario

    That ain't gonna be easy. It requires making more sprites for a "Mario-ette", which is already as hard as making the other sprites. And, besides it wouldn't make any sense, considering that the Super Crown only works with Toadette.
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    1637637671 (But, no, really, don't repeat the previous mistake. The last time we were caught by a mod for piling "simp" comments here.)