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    I'm BACK :D

    Welcome back! :D Always glad to have people here! Though, one question that I'm pretty sure ya saw coming.... Was this worth a whole thread? I got in trouble for the same thing a while back! x) Just wanted to look out for ya! :D
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    Any interesting stories behind the creation of your Sonic OCs?

    My old OC was called "Plazzma". He had no backstory, and had rocket boots. He was cool, and he fought with my (at the time) best friend's OC, "Terraz".
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    Post your Desktop

    Desktop, along with specs on other monitor. :D I built this machine myself from spare parts I got online! It'll be getting a new MB CPU and RAM at some point this year! Hope you guys like it!
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    My PC has died

    If it's freezing, it sounds like a GPU issue. If the PC TURNS ON, but freezes after a while, the GPU might be faulty, maybe a bad RAM chip, or something else going wrong. Maybe look into trying to find a replacement?
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    How did you discover Sonic?

    Anyone can know modern games. All it takes is a bit of effort and the Internet. :D
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    Get to know me. I guess.

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    What is your favorite planet?

    My favourite planet is a tie between Saturn and Jupiter. I love Saturn's rings, and I love the fact that Jupiter is so chaotic. I'm a huge space nerd. I love to study the universe, so- it's hard to pick just one celestial body to like most! :P
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    How did you discover Sonic?

    -_- My grandma was a video game *master*, mate. To me back then, she knew everything about all video games. x)
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    What are your thoughts on Sonic Origins?

    Just another rerelease of the same three games. :/
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    My favoruite game of all time is a tie between HL2, and Sonic Colours.
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    How did you discover Sonic?

    My grandma got the Wii on launch day in 2006, and then in 2010 when I was finally allowed to play video games, my grandma got Sonic Colours, and taught me how to play it. My grandma doesn't play games much anymore, but I'm still thankful that she did. :>
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    what is your favorite sonic fangame

    Personally, I like the Green Hill Paradise duology. Acts one and two. Really fun to mess around with. :D
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hallo, Howdy Hey, I'm Chloe! I'm a girl on the InterWebz who still makes stuff all this time later. I'm also the one known for going missing for months at a time, however, I just didn't have much of an interest in SRB2. I've been "in the SRB2 community" for over two years now. I downloaded SRB2...
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    what is your custom title?

    The truth, I still make things. But, a little more often this time. :)
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    What is your favorite pizza flavor and why

    Pineapple. Y e s . I think I might go and get one today.